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E-commerce Sales Show 'relative Strength' Over Holidays said it had its best holiday sales season ever, but tracking companies find overall online sales dropped compared...

E-commerce Has a Good Weekend, but Remains Down

Online spending was up this past weekend, but overall remains lower than last year, comScore finds.

Week 2 for the IE Bug, Apple Bails on Macworld

Microsoft released an emergency patch for the Internet Explorer flaw this week after Chinese security researchers accidentally...

IBM Labs Promises Five Innovations

The ability to "talk" to the Web, information collection and retrieval systems that alleviate forgetfulness, and solar...

'09 IT Predictions -- the Economy Dominates

OPINION: We've talked to sources as well as to our geekiest friends and colleagues to come up with our own set of predictions for 2009.

Quotes of Note From 2008

So many notable quotes, so little space to recount them -- that's the annual conundrum as we think back on the year.

Money Woes Redux, More Malware, Shopping Jam

We're just about out of another woeful week as far as economic news goes, what with AT&T and Adobe Systems joining the...

Mumbai Terrorism, Worm Warning, Holiday Woe

The top 10 tech stories of the past week include help through Twitter and bloggers to victims of terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Once Again, Worrisome Financial News Prevails

Bad news roundup of glum reports from the tech sector. Believe it or not there are some silver linings.

Google Deals, Microsoft's Azure, IT Money Woes

Google proposed settling lawsuits related to its book-scanning and indexing project, and word also seeped out through The Wall...

Microsoft Bug, Greenspan Speaks, Yahoo Cuts


Google Miffs Admins, IT Boosts Street

Google annoyed administrators when it made changes to Google Apps "Start" portal pages without letting them know it was...

It Only Seems Like the Only News Is the Economy

Not all of this week's news involved global financial turmoil: while IT budgets are being cut and AMD is breaking itself up, a...

Money Meltdown, Ozzie's Cloud, Security Worries

At least those of us who are fans of professional baseball have the playoffs to take our minds off the grim news this week (at...

HP Layoffs, Wall Street Blues, Palin's Hack

The week got off to a rough start with the collapse of Lehman Brothers sending shudders through global financial markets and...