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Browser War Redux, Patch Time, IPod News

Google garnered headlines all week with its new Chrome browser. Rival Microsoft announced it will release just four patches...

Report: Alcatel-Lucent Set to Announce Chairman, CEO

Alcatel-Lucent is poised to name both a new chairman and a CEO, perhaps as soon as Tuesday morning, the Wall Street Journal...

Google Browser Will Be Available Tuesday

Google will launch a beta version of its own Web browser, called Chrome, on Tuesday it confirmed Monday.

Bracing for Gustav, Oracle and Google Woes

The top 10 news stories of the week includes some major events during a week that is typically one of the slowestt of the year.

Hacker Spoof, VMware Goof

Opinion: A roundup of the week's industry news, from politics to phishing and plenty between.

Security, Security, More Security

Security news dominated this week, and that will undoubtedly be the case next week as well, with the Black Hat and Defcon...

It's a Crime-filled Week in IT Land

In an unusual week for IT news, headlines were dominated by alleged crime, actual crime and crime that could be in the offing...

Report: Microsoft, Facebook to Sign Search Deal

Microsoft and Facebook will announce an Internet search and ad deal, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

IPhone 3G, DNS Flaw, VMware Ouster

Apple stole the IT news show yet again this week with the Friday launch of the iPhone 3G in 22 countries. But there was other...

Coreflood, More Microsoft-Yahoo, IPhone Plans

A Trojan horse program that has been around for about six years is now being used to steal system-administrator passwords...