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Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Can I stream it?

Jackie Talbott joins us to talk about how you can find streaming media online.

Review: Diamond Multimedia GC 1000 captures your gaming exploits with very little fuss

The Diamond Multimedia GC 1000 ($140) promises to record your gaming exploits in full high-definition glory, effortlessly. And it delivers, more or less.


Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: It's Schwarzageddon!

It's Steve Martin, Schwarzenegger, and mobile games on the 10th episode of the Play This! podcast.

Stylus starter kit: Apps for the Galaxy Note II and Note 10.1

These apps will help you get the most out of your phone or tablet's stylus.

Trick-or-treat tracking tech

It's 10 p.m. on Halloween. Do you know where your little monsters are?

Review: Skullcandy's Slyr headset delivers sweet sounds at a sweet price

This headset is tuned for gaming, and delivers a strong value proposition —whether you’re on a console, handheld device or PC. Still, audiophiles can likely find better equipment for movies or music at a similar price.

Review: The LG Intuition proves size does matter

The LG Intuition sounds good on paper, but it's poor design makes it difficult to recommend.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review: Terrifying, brutish, and brilliant

Firaxis streamlines a classic tactical strategy game without losing any of the challenge, complexity, or terror of the original.

Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 breathes new life into a classic PC RPG

Morrowind is the third chapter in the popular Elder Scrolls series, but time has not been kind to the game’s decade-old engine. Fortunately, enterprising fans have stepped in.

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Xbox 360 Controller

This high-end Xbox 360 controller feels great and includes plenty of hardcore gamer-friendly features, but you'll pay a premium price for it.

Review: Razer Tiamat 7.1 Gaming Headset

Razer's Tiamat 7.1 is a tremendous piece of equipment, but if you aren't interested in buying a sound card, you'll want to keep looking.


Maingear Shift Super Stock: King of the Hill

Sparing no expense, the latest iteration of Maingear's Shift Super Stock delivers on all counts: solid performance, accessibility, singular design, and stunning good looks.

Primordial Medusa: Includes the Kitchen Sink

This liquid-cooled juggernaut is a tad excessive--in all the right ways.

Nokia Lumia 900, Printer Ink Prices, and Instagram for Android on PCWorld Podcast #135

Melissa Riofrio dishes out some interesting info about who's got horrible printer ink prices and who doesn't. Ginny rants and raves about Nokia's hot new Windows Phone, and we all shrug about the debut of Instagram on Android.