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7 Great All-in-One Desktop PCs

All-in-one PCs are zippy, stylish, and just plain practical. Here's why your next PC probably won't be a tower.

SXSW in Review, Problems With the New iPad, and GeForce 680 on PCWorld Podcast #134

Mark tells us what was new at SXSW, Melissa raves about the iPad display but points out battery problems, and Nate enthuses about Nvidia's efficient new GeForce GTX 680.

Windows 8 Preview Beats Windows 7 in Most Performance Tests

A desktop running Windows 8 Consumer Preview started up faster and generally ran faster than the same desktop running Windows 7.

The Future Is Free To Play on Game On Podcast #9

PCWorld Editors Alex Wawro, Nate Ralph and Jason Cross join Game On writer David Daw to discuss what makes a free-to-play game great. Will we ever see a prominent publisher like Activision or Electronic Arts invest in a big-budget game that's free to play? Find out on the Game On Podcast #9!

Baldur’s Gate Making a Triumphant Return

The Bhaalspawn is back. Or will be, this summer.

Snapshot: Offspring Fling

Quite a few Offspring were harmed during the writing of this preview. But they’re tough little critters.

Game Developer's Conference 2012 Roundtable on Game On Podcast #8

Another great Game Developer's Conference has come and gone, but Game On contributors Alex Rubens, David Daw, Nate Ralph and Alex Wawro remain to talk about the games we played and the people we met at GDC 2012.

Windows 8 Metro UI: A Bold New Face for Windows

Microsoft's Metro interface for Windows 8 takes some getting used to, but it delivers a better experience overall.

Building a Dream PC: Best Cases and Power Supplies

With so many PC cases available, choosing one for your custom desktop can be overwhelming. Here are two recommendations. Plus: Look for a modular power supply to keep interior cable clutter in check.

Graphics Cards: Top Picks for Budget and Performance PCs

Whether you're building your own PC or seeking to upgrade, your GPU choice is critical. Here are our graphics card recommendations.

Select the Right Storage for Your Custom-Made PC

Every computer needs a hard drive to store programs and data, and maybe an optical drive for playing movies. And solid-state drives are a great addition that will improve performance. Here are our choices for the best drives.

Best Motherboards for Budget and Performance PCs

Selecting an appropriate motherboard for your tailor-made desktop is essential. Check out our picks for Intel- and AMD-based systems. Plus: RAM is extremely affordable these days, so don't forget to grab a generous amount.

Choose the Best CPU for Your Dream PC

Preparing to build your own PC, or to have one customized for you? Here are the best Intel and AMD processors suitable for a budget or performance desktop. Plus: a look at the best CPU coolers.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Initial Impressions

We kick the tires on the first widespread release of Windows 8 for the general public. Is it worth your time?