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Mobile World Congress Preview, Windows 8, and PlayStation Vita on PCWorld Podcast #132

With Mobile World Congress and the Windows 8 Consumer Preview both hitting next week, we have a lot to look forward to. Oh, and the PlayStation Vita is too expensive.

The Future of Mobile Gaming on Game On Podcast #7

The Sony PlayStation Vita goes on sale in North America and Europe today, but will it succeed in a handheld gaming market dominated by smartphones and tablets? Tune in to find out as Jason Cross, David Daw, Nate Ralph and Alex Wawro discuss the future of handheld gaming devices in Game On Podcast #7!

Love and Romance in Game On Podcast #6

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love and romance in our daily lives, but can you remember the last time you had a meaningful relationship in a video game? Join the PCWorld Editors as they take a light-hearted look at how games can help us learn to love again on this holiday edition of the PCWorld Game On Podcast.

Classic Game Remakes In Game On #5

Do you love classic games? Join the PCWorld Editors as they gather to gab about the technology that allows us to play classic games on our smartphones, consoles and tablets, what makes a great game remake and which classic games they'd love to play again on the PCWorld Game On Podcast!

Alienware X51 Review: The Little PC That Could

The Alienware X51 proves that big things can come in small packages, offering excellent gaming performance in a slim chassis.

Pro Gaming Roundtable on Game On Podcast #4

How does playing games become a competitive sport? Join the editors of PCWorld as they discuss the origins of eSports, what it takes to become a pro gamer and what makes the PC such an ideal platform for professional gaming.

The Past, Present and Future of Co-Op Gaming on Game On Podcast #3

The first PCWorld Game On podcast of 2012 is a rousing roundtable discussion on the advent of co-op games and how modern technology can help us game better together. Listen in as we debate the pros and cons of playing with others!

Rounding up CES 2012 on PCWorld Podcast #130

After an extended break, the PCWorld Podcast is back, wrapping up the products and trends we saw at last week's big CES show.

Alienware X51 Desktop Puts Big Things Into a Small Package

Alienware has announced a sleek and slim gaming desktop aimed at bridging the gap between console and PC gamers.

The Desktop PC Is Dead--Long Live the Desktop

All-in-Ones took 2011 by storm, and they're coming for your desktop tower PC next.

The Origin Genesis is Back; Your PC is Obsolete (Again)

This year's Origin Genesis is even more powerful, and a little bit scary.

Hands-on With Project Fiona, the Razer PC Gaming Tablet

Razer announced a PC Gaming Tablet concept at CES this year, and I had a chance to get my hands on a prototype.

Razer's Project Fiona: A Tablet for PC Gamers

Razer takes another stab at making PC gaming hardware as it delivers a concept for a gaming tablet called Project Fiona.

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 Cuts the Fat, Folds Flat

Though the 27-inch Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 occupies a large area, it is purportedly the world’s thinnest all-in-one PC, at less than an inch thick.

A Closer Look at Vizio’s All-in-Ones

As the TV manufacturer makes its first foray into the desktops space, its hardware doesn’t fail to impress.