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Double Fine’s Spacebase DF-9 is a snazzy, pricey prototype

The alpha for Double Fine’s Spacebase DF-9 has arrived on Steam--$25 gets you in the door.


First thoughts on F!rst, the new social network for gamers

Introducing F!rst, a new social network designed specifically for gamers.


EVE Online debuts New Player Training Sessions

EVE Online’s new player training sessions aim to teach rookies the ins-and-outs of getting around EVE Online.


Rough surf: Audiosurf II returns with new twists and new troubles

Audiosurf II tweaks its signature style with a new game mechanic that’s sure to be polarizing.


What I'm Playing: Trains, Caves, and Shady Deals

Ron Gilbert's The Cave is out on iOS, which is pretty great. Hey, Stardock is here too!


Betting on betas: Why the early access phenomenon is risky business

Steam's Early Access has encouraged a slew of developers to take the beta-release route for quick cash. This may not be the best idea.


Planetary Annihilation beta arrives on Steam, decimates worlds and wallets

The beta for Uber Entertainment’s upcoming RTS Planetary Annihilation has arrived on Steam, but you’ll likely want to wait on this one.

One more for the horde: State of Decay shambles onto the PC

Yes, State of Decay is yet another zombie game. But it's also rather good.


What I’m Playing: More like, Lame Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t available on PC. But we’ve got plenty of alternatives so I’m not even mad.


Deus ex mouse: Godus is a click-happy revival of classic god games

Peter Molyneux’s return to the God-game genre is a bit click-happy, but there are interesting ideas bubbling under the surface.


Glory Days: Völgar the Viking dredges up, then pummels, your fondest memories

Völgar the Viking is, in all ways, the perfect Sega Genesis game


Small World 2 invades iOS with new multiplayer opportunities

After a successful Kickstarter drive earlier this year, Small World 2 has arrived.


Dragon Fantasy Book II Review: Channeling classic JRPGs, for better and for worse

Dragon Fantasy Book II is a game at odds with itself, improving on a timeworn genre but often fumbling the fundamentals.


Razer Ouroboros Review: An expensive love letter to lefty mice lovers

The Razer Ouroboros is kind of hard to say and costs $150, but is readily customizable, lefty-friendly, and performs well. And also it’s gorgeous.

Call of Duty goes mobile with Strike Team

Call of Duty: Strike Team sneaks a bit of tactical strategy into a first-person shooter for iOS.