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Gear Up for Gaming With the Right PC

Is your current gaming rig fainting at the sight of this year’s PC game releases? Fret not: We have plenty of options at a wide range of prices, so you won’t be out of luck.

Dell Optiplex 990 SFF: Space-Saving Business Machine Sheds Inches, Keeps Speed

Dell’s Optiplex 990 SFF manages to squeeze past much of the rest of the Business Desktop category, offering strong general performance at a fair price.

Lab Tested: AMD’s “Lynx” Brings Superior Graphics For Budget Desktops

AMD’s Fusion A-Series processors are here, and they're poised to shake up the oft-neglected budget desktops tier.


The Laptop and Desktop Specs That Matter

Contrary to what you might think, speed isn't always the most important thing when you're buying a new computer.

E3: The Best and Worst of the Giant Gaming Expo

Our savvy trio of hard-to-please gamers patrolled the huge E3 show floor all week. Here’s what they loved—and hated.

Call of Duty Elite: Social Networking Comes to Shooter Games

Activision's new Call of Duty Elite subscription service wants to insert a bit of Facebook and stat-crunching into your shooting gallery. It's got my vote.


E3 2011: The Future of PC Gaming

Is PC gaming dead? Three E3 editors tackle the topic--each provides his own perspective. See if you agree.

Hands-On with Sony's PlayStation Vita: Impressive Hardware, Game Play

Curious about the PlayStation Vita? I spent some time playing with it here at E3 -- here’s what we thought.

Nintendo's 'Bizarre' Wii U will be a Hard Sell to Gamers

The Nintendo Wii U offers a clever design, but will gamers bite?

Hands-On: Twisted Metal is Back

Sony reveals a playable Twisted Metal at E3 2011, proving the classic fender-bending car combat game is back with a vengeance.

HP Z210 CMT: A Powerful Workstation With Room to Grow

Workstations aren’t for everyone. But if you need a powerful PC to work through heavy graphics and 3D tasks, and are willing to pay a bit extra for optimized hardware, the HP Z210 CMT stands out as a business desktop worth considering.

PC Liquid Cooling System: Build It Yourself

Want to push your PC to the bleeding edge? Make sure it stays cool with your very own do-it-yourself liquid-cooling rig.

Best Budget All-in-One PCs (Under 23 Inches)

With screen sizes ranging between 18 and 21.6 inches, these all-in-ones offer a complete PC package without cramping your desk--or your budget.

iBuyPower Chimera XLC: Untapped Potential Keeps a Beast at Bay

A great case and premium components make for an imposing machine, but its timid overclocking prevents the Chimera XLC from leading the Performance PC pack.

PC Porn: 8 Awesome-Looking Components

We pay tribute to the high-end desktop PC components that look way too cool to end up in a dusty beige box.