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iBuyPower Erebus

We get a look at this gorgeous liquid-cooled performance desktop.

Eyes-On With MSI's Revamped Wind Touch Software

MSI's new All-in-Ones pack an Intel second-generation Core Processor and an updated custom interface -- and it's fast.

Xi3's Modular Desktop Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

It's small and pricey, but Xi3's Modular Computer packs quite a bit of potential.


Nvidia's Keg PC Casemod: Need We Say More?

The perfect blend of entertainment and entertainment PC couples a second-generation Intel processor and dual Nvidia GTX 580 graphics cards with hoppy, delicious ale.


Nvidia Reveals "Project Denver," An ARM-Based Processor

Nvidia has announced efforts to develop an ARM-based, high performance CPU for PCs.

MSI's New All-in-Ones Boast Impressive Tech on a Budget

The new Wind Top All-in-Ones pack Intel's second-generation Core processors, large screens, and palatable price tags.

Gateway Revamps Its Desktop Lines With New Designs, New Tech

Gateway is ringing in the new year with a bold new chassis design, and Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs.

CES 2011: Lenovo Announces New IdeaCentre All-in-Ones

Lenovo has revamped their IdeaCentre All-in-Ones for 2011, offering gorgeous new designs and updated favorites.

Lab Tested: Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs Deliver Blazing Speed and Energy Savings

We've put Intel’s second-generation processors through their paces, and they've proven speedy, and energy efficient. The revamped integrated graphics aren't quite ready for modern gaming, but media mavens are in for a treat.


Maingear Shift Super Stock: Beauty and Brawn Don't Come Cheap

In a category satiated with impressive performance (and daunting price tags), Maingear's latest Shift tops the charts -- for better, and for worse.

Upgrade or Buy New? Find the Desktop PC That's Right for You

Here's how to improve an old desktop or buy a new one that meets your needs -- without breaking the bank.

AMD Radeon HD 6970: Efficient and Affordable

It may not top the charts, but AMD’s Radeon HD 6970 delivers an excellent value.

AMD Radeon HD 6950: Fair Performance at a Fine Price

A perfect storm of price, features and performance make for an excellent buy -- even if it doesn’t lead the pack.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 570: Power in Spades, and the Price is Right

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 570 delivers the power and improved efficiency of the revamped Fermi architecture at a palatable price point.

V3 Move 3DS: 3D Gaming at Its Smallest, and Finest

The Move 3DS delivers excellent 3D gaming performance in a tiny package, but a single-minded focus limits its potential.