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Valve is betting on a biofeedback future for gaming

The game developer that brought us Half-Life and Left4Dead sees emotion as the next step in game input.


What I'm Playing: Wish upon a Star (Command)

Your weekly unicorn chaser, now with extra spaceships.


Ludum Dare 26's 48-hour challenge is up! Lets find some gems

This year's 48-hour game development competition is centered on minimalism.


Razer Comms disrupts the VOIP arena with a free public beta

The erstwhile peripheral maker is taking a stab at the VOIP space with Razer Comms.

What I'm Playing: Ninjas that farm, and fish that skip

Today we're skipping fish with time traveling ninjas.


Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is pricey but has its charms

The Galaxy Note 8.0's humble chassis and $400 price tag don't inspire much confidence, but you'll find quite a lot to like here.


Review: Skulls of the Shogun is a fun, funny strategy game

Skulls of the Shogun offers a clever turn-based strategy experience across any platform bearing a Microsoft badge. And who doesn't enjoy crushing the occasional skull?

In defense of Nintendo’s obsession with memory lane

Nintendo’s 2013 lineup is looking a bit familiar, and I’m okay with that.


Dungeon Hunter 4 and the trouble with the free-to-play fun tax

Microtransactions are here to stay, but what's the appropriate amount of nickel-and-diming?


Review: Roccat Isku FX gaming keyboard hits all the right notes

The Roccat Isku FX lacks mechanical keys, but delivers an otherwise excellent typing and gaming experience.

What I’m Playing: On magic, mechanics, and musical hotel management

Hotels with a beat, mafiosos to beat, and wizards who can’t help beating each other.


What I’m Playing: Fishing with chainsaws and strolling through the forest after dark

Let’s do a bit of fishing, play a few rounds of golf, and cap it all off with a nice walk.


Review: SimCity rebuilds the sandbox game

SimCity is a visually striking homage to a classic series that takes city building in bold new directions, but troubling business decisions and technical snafus spell trouble.

Urban blight: SimCity’s failure to launch

SimCity’s server woes set a troubling precedent for PC gaming.