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Why Users Don't Trust Mobile Apps

Apple's iPhone privacy woes point to serious issues mobile developers can't afford to ignore.

Flash on Android: Look but Don't Touch

The sweeping deficiencies of Flash Player 10.2 for Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets can't all be chalked up to its 'beta' status.


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Websites for Smartphones and Tablets

Your website might be gorgeous, but is it really cross-platform? Don't be so sure

Open Office Dilemma: vs. LibreOffice

Dueling open source alternatives to Microsoft Office match word processors, spreadsheets, and much more; which one should you choose?

Chrome OS vs. Android 3.0: Which will Survive?

Analysis: Android 3.0 is blossoming into something more closely resembling a general-purpose computing platform -- including many features the Chrome OS may never have.


How RIM Could Make Android Apps Run on the PlayBook

Rumors suggest RIM will adopt Google's Dalvik JVM, but a lot more work would be needed to pull off this strategy.

on The Wal-Mart of Android Apps?

Developers who think the Amazon Appstore will be a welcome alternative to the Android Market should read the fine print


Last Year's Predictions: How'd We Do?

Analysis: Hits and misses in software development in 2010 included action involving the Web, Java, mobile, and more.


Software Development Predictions: 2011

Developers struggle to cope with a Java market dominated by Oracle, smartphone platforms duke it out, and the specter of legislation looms

Time to Put the Brakes on Java?

The Java SE 7 and 8 specifications have the green light, but commercial pressures threaten to derail what should be a community effort

Who Killed Sony SNAP?

Sony flirted with brilliance when it announced an open source platform for consumer electronics. So why did it pull the project days later?

First Look: Office 365 Beta Shows Promise but Lacks Polish

Microsoft's cloud productivity suite has big ambitions, but it feels poorly integrated and may leave IT admins wanting more.

Adobe and Microsoft vs. Google and Apple?

A partnership between two software titans could be a powerful force in the Web and mobile development markets.

Why Oracle is Right to Sue Google

Analysis: Oracle's Android lawsuit is just the first step in the long-awaited resurrection of the Java platform.

10 Reasons Why the PC Is Here to Stay

Steve Jobs says the iPad signals the end of the PC era. Here's why he's wrong