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Palm Pre Edges Android as Developers' Darling

Google's Android is open source, hardware-agnostic, and developer-friendly -- so why do its developers seem so unhappy?

Palm Pre Privacy Pitfalls

Analysis: If software vendors don't make their data-collection practices more transparent, regulators are liable to step in and do it for us. Software developers, are you listening?


Why We Need Net Neutrality — And Why We Need It Now

Analysis: Recent moves to block apps from the iPhone show why legislation to preserve equal access to the Internet is needed now more than ever.

Office 2010: Putting the Update in Perspective

It's widespread, it's capable, and it's got new competition -- so Microsoft's next version of Office has its work cut out.

Performance Issues Plague Cloud-Based Applications

Analysis: Despite browser improvements, Web apps still suffer from network bottlenecks and scripting problems.

Why Apple's Grand Central Plan Misses the Mark

Analysis: Vendors are scrambling to provide developer tools to support multicore CPUs, but customer demand is heading in the other direction.

The Netbook Revolution: A Whole New Niche in Computing

The trend toward netbooks marks a sea change in the industry -- consumers now want portable PCs to be cheaper, not faster.

Automatic Updates Are a Step Too Far

Analysis: Pushing security patches is a fast way to fix vulnerabilities, but Microsoft goes too far.

Hands On: Ubuntu 9.04 Brings Only Minor Updates

The new edition of the friendly Linux desktop OS is more maintenance release than upgrade.


Has Desktop Linux Missed its Opportunity?

Linux is still struggling for acceptance on the business desktop, but the OS may have already lost its best chance.


How Oracle Can Get the Most Bang for Its Buck

Analysis: Ten ways Oracle could make money from Sun.

The Trouble with Apple's iPhone App Store

Analysis: The iTunes App Store demonstrates the weaknesses of the online software distribution model.

IPhones, Netbooks, and 'Invisible PCs'

Can software developers keep up with the evolution of computer usage?


Obama Could Boost Tech via Patent Reform

Repealing software patents could give a much-needed boost to the tech industry in troubled economic times.

Don't Fear the Penguin: A Newbie's Guide to Linux

Linux has an undeserved reputation for being complex, cryptic, and difficult to use. With this simple guide, you can get started using Ubuntu Linux today.