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Asus Aims for Tablet PC Revival

Will the Eee PC T91, with its small form factor and swiveling touchscreen, breathe new life into the tablet PC market?

Microsoft Layoff Rumors Persist

With the market share of Windows and IE slipping, some analysts claim Microsoft may be ready to issue pink slips.


Peering into the Software Development Crystal Ball

A battered economy will mean tightening belts, changing customer allegiances, and the Web as the platform of choice.


Watch Out for Hidden Cookies

Browser plug-ins can also store individually-identifying data, and your normal privacy settings may have no effect.

Will Google and Microsoft Own the Web?

Critics worry that a Web browser market divided between two giant companies is bad for consumers.

Google's Craziest Idea Yet

Is Google's plan to run native x86 code inside browser windows just a disaster waiting to happen?

End of the Road for Tech Trade Shows?

With major events being canceled and vendors pulling out of traditional favorites, is the age of the trade show coming to an end?


McCain Campaign BlackBerry Yields Sensitive Data

Breach underscores the perils of selling old IT equipment without attention to security.

Perilous Plug-Ins May Plague Chrome

Google's planned extension mechanism for Chrome highlights the changing nature of Web-based threats.

Macs and Malware: The Straight Dope

Whether it's a Mac or a PC, it takes more than anti-virus software to keep a computer safe.

Manage IT Staff in a Shrinking Economy

A recession means tough times for IT departments everywhere, but particularly for small businesses.

Can Apple Save the Netbook?

As the price of low-end laptops creeps up, an innovative model from Apple could rejuvenate the market.

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

Is an advertising-supported model the way forward for the software industry?

Why Sun Should Spin Off Java

Sun's insistence that Java is still its flagship product is holding back both the platform and the company

Cloud Computing Isn't All Azure Skies

Microsoft wants to bring developers to the cloud with Windows Azure, but is the new model all it's cracked up to be?