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Privacy Worries on Facebook? Just Wait

A CMU researcher warns that technology needs to strike a balance between privacy concerns and useful data mining.

Google News Changes Rules to Pacify Publishers

Google News will now only give away five full-text articles per Google News visitor per day.

Listen Up for Twitter Tunes

Tweets from around the world create the first album of Twitter music, compiled by a British composer.


Microsoft Windows Mobile: Your Essential Guide

Microsoft has its work cut out for it in the mobile operating system market given the strength of Apple iPhone among consumers and RIM BlackBerry among businesses.


Spear Phishers Hunting PR Firms and Lawyers, Says FBI

FBI adds that fraudsters continue to hijack accounts on social networking sites and spread malicious software by using various techniques.

Nokia's Charger Recall Just the Latest Tech Do-Over

Analysis: Here's a recent brief history of electronics recalls and official oops experiences.

Motorola's Droid: 4 Reasons to Buy, 1 Reason to Duck

The general consensus on the Motorola Droid is that while it's a very strong device, it still doesn't match the iPhone. Here are four reasons to buy (and one...

Motorola Droid vs. iPhone 3GS: Smartphone Face-Off

Does Motorola's new Droid 3G smartphone have what it takes to rival the iPhone's success?


Geocities Shuts Down

Yahoo is closing the gates to some of the earliest consumer Websites.

Couple Nabbed for Allegedly Stealing $23M From Cisco

Husband-and-wife team's scheme had the network giant shipping replacement parts to fake businesses in eight states. Wife boasted of her success on social networking site

App Store Downloads Pass 2 Billion

Apple roars past another milestone for downloaded applications to its iPhone and iPod.

Google Refreshes Chrome Browser

Google Chrome 3.0 Gains Zip, Style

Microsoft's Ballmer Flogged Over Company Meeting Messages

Covert Mini-Microsoft blogger rips company execs Ballmer, Elop.

Roll Your Own XP-to-Windows 7 Upgrade On a USB Drive

Microsoft offers a how-to on installing Windows 7 via Microsoft's Deployment Toolkit 2010.

Tech Tees Release Your Inner Nerd

Tech tees reveal the inner nerd in all of us. Browse this selection of tech-themed T-shirts from Threadless that will help you celebrate your unabashed nerdiness.