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Future Desktops Arrive Today

A look at 7 of the slickest, sleekest, most stylish desktops of the future that are currently available.


Fab Fake 4G iPhone Designs

iPhone enthusiasts from around the Web offer their visions for the next-gen iPhone.


RSA Security Conference Product Parade

New tools for data protection come in many forms, all designed to thwart the bad guys, at the annual security conference. Take a look at the selection.

RSA Conference Gets off to a Low Key Start

IT security pros meet against an omnipresent backdrop of recession and uncertainty.

Kindle App for the iPhone

Jealous of Kindle 2 owners? No need to be with the new Amazon Kindle for iPhone app, available free at Apple's App Store.


Study: Hello Video Games, Goodbye Family and Friends

A new study shows that the more young adults play video games the worse their relationships become with family and friends.

Video Games: For Loners Only?

A Brigham Young University study links video games to diminished relationships with family, friends.

2008: The Last Year for Awhile for IT Pay Hikes?

Technology professionals are concerned about job cuts and stagnant pay in 2009, a survey shows.

MIT's Sticky-Notes Killer

An MIT computer science research team has developed software dubbed that's designed to computerize many of the things people currently do through sticky notes.

Wireless Security Keeps Drivers off Cell Phones

The Key2SafeDriving technology uses RFID or Bluetooth to link a car key to a cell phone and stop drivers from talking or texting.

Storm's Fans Crash Ordering System

Both Verizon's in-store systems and online portal were overloaded with demand for the newest Blackberry device.

Denial-of-Service Attacks Intensify

A report find armies of PCs are being co-opted in large number to fuel twice as many attacks as last year.

Tech Economic Woes Don't Rival Dot-Com Bust

The current economy is affecting IT budgets, but spending won't fall like it did during the dot-com downfall, Gartner says.

20 Amazing, Amusing and Alarming IT Facts

NFL time wasting, scary data breach numbers and the truth about Green IT.

Vendors Scramble to Rein in Virtual Environments

As Microsoft, VMware and others evolve their virtualization technologies, third-party vendors work to provide complementary management and automation capabilities.