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Diagnose Car Problems on Your Own

Testing the CarMD diagnosis tool.


Elvis Lives! But He's a Bit Robotic

Checking Out the Wowee Alive Elvis.

Multi-Monitor Madness

Connect multiple monitors via USB to a single PC with DisplayLink technology.

Phraze-It Eases Mobile Data Entry

A soft keyboard designed to speed up mobile typing.


Getting Buzzed Over Mobile Video

3G multimedia to your phone without a special client.


RIM Throws Sharp Curve

A look at the sleek BlackBerry Curve.

GPS: Devices vs. in-Phone Services

GPS device types go head to head

Robots: More than Meets the Eye

The latest trends in robotics.

Not Exactly the iPhone

What to do when you can't get the real deal.


Palm's Treo 680

A quick look at the new Palm Treo 680.


The Palm Treo 700p

Keith tests Palm's Treo 700p PDA phone.


CES Gems from Sling Media and Linksys

New products from Sling Media and Linksys.

Phone Nirvana

Nokia's E61 comes close to perfect.


Pimp Your Mouse

Three cool mice to get you back in style.

Exclusive: Sony PS3 First Look

New PS3 game console impresses Keith.