The Newest Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphones

Can new designs and the latest OS spark buyer interest?

Understanding Web 2.0 Security in the Workplace

Check Point and Ponemon Institute asked where Web 2.0 security risks rank on the list of priorities. Here are the results.

Seinfeld Star Now Plugging Macs

Apple this week began airing 2 new "Get a Mac" ads, and one of them features a very familiar face - Patrick Warburton, though you might know him better as David Puddy from Seinfeld.

FlightView Sends Real-Time Travel Info to the Palm Pre

Software uses webOS multitasking to deliver current information about any North American flight.


New iPhone App Makes Microsoft Office Mobile

Citrix Receiver iPhone app lets you run a variety of desktop apps from your iPhone.


Sometimes, Even Google Runs Out of Bandwidth

Yes, resources are finite--even at Google.

Why the BlackBerry Storm Needs a Bailout

My verdict on the Storm? Plain and simple: This is one of the worst devices I've used.


Guide to Message Archiving

One of the most effective ways of reducing the pressure on backups is to take information that is static or seldom accessed and archive it off primary storage systems.

Guide to Web Site Application and Performance Management

Most companies that operate a Web site rely on a monitoring tool to determine whether the site's applications are performing up to snuff.

Guide to Storage Resource Management

In managing performance, SRM software should look at the relationships between applications, servers, host bus adapters, switches and storage arrays.

Guide to Unified Communications

Unified communications involves a series of decisions about IM and unified messaging options, and the best methods for handling rollouts and integration.

Guide to WLAN Management

The more you know about your WLAN, the more you can do with it and the better you can make it.

Guide to Network Management and Monitoring

Network management tools require upfront planning and ongoing maintenance to ensure that the technology delivers on its promise.

Guide to Network Auditing and Compliance

Getting and staying compliant requires IT organizations to follow a few best practices.

Guide to IP-PBX

Before investing in an IP-PBX, you should have a good understanding of what you need and whether the product will work in your environment.