Nick BarberMultimedia Correspondent, IDG News Service

Nick Barber is multimedia correspondent and video content manager for the IDG News Service, and is based in Boston.

Microsoft Tries a Reboot on the Xbox 360 as Living Room PC

While it may have been the game trailers that drew cheers from the crowd at Microsoft's Xbox briefing in Los Angeles this week, the partnerships and new features...

Xbox SmartGlass: Microsoft's Multiscreen Strategy

Microsoft is hoping to create an immersive experience across multiple devices where users can consume different, complementary content on each platform with new...

Massachusetts to Tackle Big Data With MIT, Intel

With several big data initiatives announced Wednesday at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Governor Deval Patrick said he wants to make the state a hub for big data research.

IllumiShare Project Connects Physical Desktops

Attendees at the Conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems (CHI) this week saw a device that looks something like a lamp shade and houses a projector and...

Gesture Sensing Alternatives Use Radio Interference, Doppler Effect

Two Microsoft Research projects presented at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems used unique methods, completely absent of any cameras, to sense...

ZeroTouch Turns 55-inch TV Into Touchscreen, Gets Ready for Market

ZeroTouch, the inexpensive technology that turns regular displays into touchscreens, can be fitted to larger screens, is more responsive and is almost ready for...

Electric Lemonade Zaps Taste Buds

A research project at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Austin experimented with adding electricity to food to change its taste.

Exploited Display Bug Lets LCDs Show Two Images Simultaneously

Researchers have turned a display annoyance into a way to show two different images simultaneously. When an LCD is tilted, colors change and become difficult to...

ACM User Conference Seeks the Magic in User Interfaces

Echoing the words of science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, former YouTube user experience director Margaret Gould Stewart advised an audience of design...

Privy Offers Social Daily Deal Alternative

Pizza chain owner Melissa Ferriman wanted to boost business using an online social deal promotion. She tried services like Groupon, but eventually chose...

Robotic Spider Weaves Web at MIT Media Lab

An MIT Media Lab robot mimicked silk worms and spiders and wove a cocoon-like structure with a little programming help from humans.

K-glove Developed From Space Robot

General Motors and NASA used technology from their space-bound Robonaut 2 to create robotic gloves for humans that the companies hope can reduce repetitive...

A Taste of Android at Mobile World Congress

A glimpse into Google's elaborate Android booth reveals more than apps: the booth has a smoothie bar, slides for adults, and an Android robot making bejeweled smartphone cases.


A Tap of Your NFC-enabled Phone Can Pay For Groceries, Get Movie Times, and Turn on Your Car

NXP, Near Field Communication (NFC) chip maker, demonstrated the capabilities of this technology at its booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Intel Outlines Its New Vision For Smartphones

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona how his company plans to cater to both high and low-end mobile phones.