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ACM User Conference Seeks the Magic in User Interfaces

Echoing the words of science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, former YouTube user experience director Margaret Gould Stewart advised an audience of design...

Privy Offers Social Daily Deal Alternative

Pizza chain owner Melissa Ferriman wanted to boost business using an online social deal promotion. She tried services like Groupon, but eventually chose...

Robotic Spider Weaves Web at MIT Media Lab

An MIT Media Lab robot mimicked silk worms and spiders and wove a cocoon-like structure with a little programming help from humans.

K-glove Developed From Space Robot

General Motors and NASA used technology from their space-bound Robonaut 2 to create robotic gloves for humans that the companies hope can reduce repetitive...

A Taste of Android at Mobile World Congress

A glimpse into Google's elaborate Android booth reveals more than apps: the booth has a smoothie bar, slides for adults, and an Android robot making bejeweled smartphone cases.

A Tap of Your NFC-enabled Phone Can Pay For Groceries, Get Movie Times, and Turn on Your Car

NXP, Near Field Communication (NFC) chip maker, demonstrated the capabilities of this technology at its booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Intel Outlines Its New Vision For Smartphones

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona how his company plans to cater to both high and low-end mobile phones.

MWC 2012: Samsung Adds New Mobile Gadgets

The Samsung Galaxy Note gets a big brother with a 10.1-inch screen, and the Galaxy Beam smartphone sports a built-in projector.

MWC 2012: New Sony NXT Phones Big On Imaging, Gaming

The Android-based NXT P uses NFC to communicate with Sony Smart Tags--tags that can be programmed to change a phone's settings with a mere swipe.

Waterproofing Your Smartphone

Forget about waterproof cases for your phone and think about waterproofing its internal components. HzO introduces a special coating material that makes your phone completely waterproof. The company hopes to convince phone manufacturers to use on phones in the future.

WowWee Merges Real Toys With Digital Games

Toymaker WowWee's high-tech version of dog fighting uses augmented reality and an iPad. The system lets you shoot down enemy planes in real or digital environments. Kits cost $10 and release in April.

900-Pound iNuke iPod Dock Commands Attention

Behringer brings the massive iNuke iPod dock to the show floor and explains what 10,000 watts can really do. The dock measures 8 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet.


AR Drone 2 Flies High, And Records in HD Too

Parrot's updated AR Drone 2 Helicopter is now sturdier and records its world in HD video. If you dream of flying or snooping on neighbors--you can do so (at your own risk) through the helicopter's tablet, iOS, or Android phone controls.

Enormous IPod Dock Weighs in at 900 Pounds

For audiophiles with an extra US$30,000 a new iPod dock pumps out so much bass it'll make your insides shake.


Microsoft, Nokia Recap, And Snookie at CES?

A recap of Bill Gates' auto-tuned presence at Microsoft's keynote, to Nokia on Ultrabooks, and the latest AR Drone. We also get a preview of Ford's concept car... And, Snookie!