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Samsung's New HDTVs Include Face Recognition Capability

Samsung adds face recognition, motion control and voice control to the mix on its new HDTVs. Also coming soon: HDTVs with dual-core processors for multitasking.


Intel's Wave of Future Ultrabooks: Slim, With Touchscreen and Voice Recognition

Intel demonstrates touchscreen controls, voice recognition, and advanced graphics of their latest Ultrabooks.

CES: Will Bill Gates Speak at the Final Microsoft Keynote?

Here is a preview of CES 2012 as it kicks off this week in Las Vegas. We're expecting to hear from all the major vendors, including Microsoft, whose appearance will be its last. Will we see Bill Gates speak at the keynote? Also: CES is calling 2012 the Year of the Interface and explains why.

Yahoo Finds a New CEO, CES Preview, and Tablet News

Here is a look at events coming up next week--from Yahoo's new CEO, to Apple's revamp of iBooks, to the Consumer Electronics Show.

New Interfaces Challenge Touch

Touchscreens could be extinct if researchers pioneering new human-computer interfaces have anything to say about it.

Move Over Apple, Microsoft Could Be UI Leader

Known for its attractive touch interface, Apple may have some competition in the next generation of user interfaces, according to an analyst.

Multiplayer Gaming Goes Full Screen With LG TV

Hoping to boost sales of its 3D televisions among gamers, LG showed off technology that lets traditional split screen multiplayer games be played full screen.


Window Shopping Goes High Tech With Gesture Recognition

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute showed a prototype that lets shoppers learn more about what's in a store display window when the store is closed.

Sony Shows 3D Images With Glasses -- Without the TV

Sony's Personal 3D Viewer, introduced at the IFA consumer electronics show, will offer consumers an alternative to 3D televisions.


Contour+ Helmet Cam Adds Bluetooth Viewfinder

Contour's latest wearable camcorder, the Contour+, boasts new features like clearer audio and a Bluetooth viewfinder, but its video quality, while good, keeps it...

Hands on With Sony's PlayStation 3D Display

Sony hopes to bring 3D to the masses with a low-cost PlayStation-branded television it announced at E3 in Los Angeles.

AR.Drone Helicopter Controlled From Android, Bada, Symbian

Parrot's AR.Drone helicopter will be controlled from Android, bada and Symbian devices, the company announced at E3 in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Nintendo Wii U Extends Screen, Stops Short of Mobile Gaming

Nintendo promised to offer gamers more content and new kinds of interaction with the introduction of Wii U, a handheld gaming device that pairs with the Wii game...

Sony Offers Apology, Look Ahead With Vita and 3D Bundle

Sony opened its E3 press conference Monday with an apology for the multi-week PlayStation Network outage.

Kinect Voice Control Seaches Content, Integrates With TV

Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 will be able to receive voice controls, letting users control their television and search for content, the company announced...