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DoCoMo Shows Prototype Augmented Reality Display

NTT DoCoMo's glasses-mounted display sends the user navigation and weather information.

DoCoMo Shows 3D Display With Force Feedback

Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo showed a glasses-free 3D display at Ceatec this week that also creates force feedback for the user.

TDK Promises Flexible OLEDs by Next Year

At Japan's Ceatec TDK showed flexible and transparent organic displays.

GoGear Connect Plays Music and Movies, Runs Android

Philips introduced the GoGear Connect, a portable media player that runs Android 2.1

Aiptek I2 Shoots 3D Video on a Budget

Aiptek introduced a pocket-sized 3D camcorder at IFA.


IPad Copter Fun to Fly, Steep Learning Curve

The AR.Drone from France-based Parrot is an exciting, fun-to-fly, four-rotor helicopter that can be piloted over Wi-Fi by an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. But...

Ranger Robot Breaks Record, Walks 23km on Single Charge

The Ranger robot from Cornell University broke a record by walking 23 kilometers in one charge.


How to Configure a PC's BIOS

In part 7, we end the series "Build a Great Media Editing PC," by showing you how to configure the BIOS.

How to Connect a PC's Power Supply

In part 5, we show you how to connect the computer's power supply.


DIY: How to Build A Great Media-Editing PC

Every dream of building a powerful video-editing or gaming PC, but don't know where to start or how to finish? Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it, complete with video tutorials.

How to Insert Hard Disk Drives and Optical Drives Into a PC

In part 6--"Build A Great Media-Editing PC"--we show you how to install your hard disk and optical drives.

How to Install a PC's Motherboard

In Part Two of "Build a Great Media-Editing PC" we show you just how to install the motherboard.

How to Add RAM and Peripheral Cards to a PC

In part 4 of the series "Build a Great Media-Editing PC," we show you how to install the RAM and peripheral cards.

How to Install a Processor in Your PC

In part 3 of our series "Build a Great Media-Editing PC," we discuss the tips and tricks for the delicate task of installing a CPU.

MIT App Uses Mobile Phone to Determine Eyeglass Prescription

MIT Media Lab researchers have created a mobile-phone application that can diagnose eyeglass prescriptions.