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AR Drone 2 Flies High, And Records in HD Too

Parrot's updated AR Drone 2 Helicopter is now sturdier and records its world in HD video. If you dream of flying or snooping on neighbors--you can do so (at your own risk) through the helicopter's tablet, iOS, or Android phone controls.

Enormous IPod Dock Weighs in at 900 Pounds

For audiophiles with an extra US$30,000 a new iPod dock pumps out so much bass it'll make your insides shake.


Microsoft, Nokia Recap, And Snookie at CES?

A recap of Bill Gates' auto-tuned presence at Microsoft's keynote, to Nokia on Ultrabooks, and the latest AR Drone. We also get a preview of Ford's concept car... And, Snookie!

Samsung's New HDTVs Include Face Recognition Capability

Samsung adds face recognition, motion control and voice control to the mix on its new HDTVs. Also coming soon: HDTVs with dual-core processors for multitasking.


Intel's Wave of Future Ultrabooks: Slim, With Touchscreen and Voice Recognition

Intel demonstrates touchscreen controls, voice recognition, and advanced graphics of their latest Ultrabooks.

CES: Will Bill Gates Speak at the Final Microsoft Keynote?

Here is a preview of CES 2012 as it kicks off this week in Las Vegas. We're expecting to hear from all the major vendors, including Microsoft, whose appearance will be its last. Will we see Bill Gates speak at the keynote? Also: CES is calling 2012 the Year of the Interface and explains why.

Yahoo Finds a New CEO, CES Preview, and Tablet News

Here is a look at events coming up next week--from Yahoo's new CEO, to Apple's revamp of iBooks, to the Consumer Electronics Show.

New Interfaces Challenge Touch

Touchscreens could be extinct if researchers pioneering new human-computer interfaces have anything to say about it.

Move Over Apple, Microsoft Could Be UI Leader

Known for its attractive touch interface, Apple may have some competition in the next generation of user interfaces, according to an analyst.