Nick BarberMultimedia Correspondent, IDG News Service

Nick Barber is multimedia correspondent and video content manager for the IDG News Service, and is based in Boston.

How to Insert Hard Disk Drives and Optical Drives Into a PC

In part 6--"Build A Great Media-Editing PC"--we show you how to install your hard disk and optical drives.

How to Install a PC's Motherboard

In Part Two of "Build a Great Media-Editing PC" we show you just how to install the motherboard.

How to Add RAM and Peripheral Cards to a PC

In part 4 of the series "Build a Great Media-Editing PC," we show you how to install the RAM and peripheral cards.

How to Install a Processor in Your PC

In part 3 of our series "Build a Great Media-Editing PC," we discuss the tips and tricks for the delicate task of installing a CPU.

MIT App Uses Mobile Phone to Determine Eyeglass Prescription

MIT Media Lab researchers have created a mobile-phone application that can diagnose eyeglass prescriptions.

IPad-controlled Helicopter Hits Shelves in September

A helicopter controlled by a iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will go on sale in September for $299.

Customized Xbox 360 Controller Brings Gaming to the Disabled

Steve Spohn is wheelchair-bound with muscular dystrophy, but can still play games thanks to a customizable controller.

Virtual Test Track Lets Ford Study Driver Experience

The Ford VIRTTEX lab lets the company simulate real world driving and conduct tests without putting drivers in harm's way.

OLPC's Negroponte Says XO-3 Prototype Tablet Coming in 2010

OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte said that the XO-3 tablet will debut this December, two years ahead of schedule.


Surround Vision Hopes to Change TV Viewing Experience

Surround Vision allows TV viewers to explore more content than can be shown on the main screen.