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Nick is a freelance contributor and a former editor for TechHive and PCWorld. He likes puns and the color yellow.

Quasar Lets You Run iPad Apps in Windows, Not on Windows

Not a fan of how iPad apps always run in full-screen? Got a jailbroken iPad? This app might be for you.


Free Antivirus You Can Trust

Can a free download really protect your PC? Yes, but you have to choose the right one. Our lab tests identify the most reliable no-cost security programs.

Windows 8 vs. Mountain Lion: Which OS Succeeds at Bringing Mobile to the Desktop?

Apple and Microsoft are both trying to bring mobile features to their new desktop operating systems, but their approaches differ greatly.


TacoCopter Delivers Tacos by Quadrocopter: Is This for Real? [Updated]

Joke or legit? A new service in the San Francisco claims it will deliver (hopefully) delicious tacos to wherever you are via quadrotor helicopter.


GeekBytes: The 8-Bit Musical (And Other Things We Didn't Cover)

A musical with an 8-bit score and a Tron-themed sofa are just a couple of the tidbits we look at in this installment of GeekBytes.


GeekBytes: The TARDIS Engagement Ring (And Other Things We Didn't Cover)

What do you get when you combine TARDIS engagement ring, arcade cabinet-themed light switches, and, uh, hipsters? You get today's installment of GeekBytes.


GeekBytes: The Beer-Dispensing Lego Machine (And Other Things We Didn't Cover)

What's better than an automated beer dispenser made from Lego? How about a robotic glove for use in space? Find all this and more in today's installment of GeekBytes.


GeekBytes: Here Come the Cyborg Snails (And Other Things We Didn't Cover)

What's weirder, cyborg snails that spy on you or a Justin Bieber Lego set? That's just a couple of the bits of awesome (or not-so-awesome) in today's installment of GeekBytes.


GeekBytes: A Dino-Eat-Dino-Eat-Dino World (And Other Things We Didn't Cover)

Scientists find perhaps the strangest fossil ever, and that's just one of the many bits of awesome floating around the Web in today's installment of GeekBytes.


The New iPad, Mobile World Congress Recap, and Windows 8 Consumer Preview on PCWorld Podcast #133

The third-generation iPad with Retina display is here, plus we wrap up the cool announces at Mobile World and talk about life with Microsoft's downloadable Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

GeekBytes: Spider Webs Cover an Entire Town and Other Things We Didn't Cover

A town in Australia found itself covered in spiderwebs like something from a bad nightmare. Learn about that and more weird stuff we didn't get a chance to cover in today's installment of GeekBytes.


Robotics Developer Studio 4 Lets You Build Kinect-Guided Robots

The newest version of Microsoft's robotics development tool comes with support for the Kinect for Windows. Robotics fans squeal with glee.


New SimCity Is Under Construction, Will Arrive in 2013

It's back! EA and Maxis announced a new version of everyone's favorite city simulator that should come to the PC sometime next year.

Lego Space Shuttle Takes Flight, Returns to Earth Undamaged

A Lego hobbyist launched a Lego space shuttle over 114,000 feet into the atmosphere, earning ridiculous amounts of geek cred in the process.


6 Security Trends to Watch For

The recent RSA security conference in San Francisco can be a great place to learn about the latest security threats. Here are some of the threats and trends to watch for.