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Nick is a freelance contributor and a former editor for TechHive and PCWorld. He likes puns and the color yellow.

Secure Your Life in 12 Steps

Lock down your computer, your home network, your identity--even your phone.

Apple Product Rumors: Essential or a Complete Waste of Time?

Two PCWorld editors square off over the value of the Apple rumor mill. Is the big buzz before an Apple product launch good clean fun or just a drain on the Internet?


What Are Smartphone Apps Telling Advertisers? New Research Takes a Look

An app security firm cracks open one of the smartphone apps being investigated by the Federal government to see what data it's sharing with advertisers.

What Happens When a Kinect Hack Hacks Itself?

It's never a good idea to make a Kinect hack self-aware, as this College Humor video proves.


Haier HL46XSL2 LED HDTV: Decent Bargain, Mediocre Quality

If you're shopping for a 46-inch TV on the cheap, give the HL46XSL2 a look--but you'll probably want to pay a bit more for a set with better image quality.


The Tablet Is Here to Stay

The tablet isn't a laptop, nor is it a true laptop replacement. It's something different, and it isn't going anywhere.


Hands On With Firefox 4

Firefox gets a much-needed overhaul in version 4: It's faster, sleeker, and easier to use. Does it stack up to Chrome and IE9? Read on for our take.

CTIA, Browser, and Disasters on PCWorld Podcast #110

This week, the PC Editors discuss the merits of the latest web browsers, preview the CTIA show, and discuss how technology is changing the way we respond to disasters.


Online Scammers Using Japan Quake as a Lure

Scammers and online criminals are exploiting the disaster in Japan to lure in unsuspecting victims in order to steal personal information or load your PC with malware.

Compared: IE9 and Firefox 4 Release Candidate

The browser wars heat up with new releases from Microsoft and Mozilla. But to most users, the differences between Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 will be slight.

No iPads Allowed in This Week in GeekTech

Get caught up on this week's geekiest stories. It's your antidote for iPad Overload, courtesy of PCWorld's GeekTech Blog.

Robotic Randomness in This Week in GeekTech

Catch up on this week's best stories from PCWorld's GeekTech blog.


Kinects in the Classroom: Hacking Meets Teaching

When you think of hacking, school assignments probably aren't the first thing that come to mind. But then again, you're probably not in Golan Levin's class at Carnegie Mellon University.


National Day of Unplugging Is This Weekend

Even geeks need to disconnect now and then. Join the group Sabbath Manifesto in observing the 2nd annual National Day of Unplugging beginning March 4 at sundown.


Kinect Hack Class Project Makes You See Ghosts

You might not think that hacking a Kinect constitutes homework, but try telling that to these Carnegie Mellon students.