Apple Opens 2nd China Store on Saturday

A flagship store in the heart of Shanghai's financial district joins the first flagship store opened in Beijing.

New iPods to Have 5MP Camera, FaceTime?

Apple, as expected will launch new iPods in September, but this time equipped with some of the features found in the recently released iPhone 4 according to reports.


Nuance Introduces MacSpeech Scribe International

Nuance Communications has released MacSpeech Scribe International 1.1, along with an updated version of MacSpeech Dictate International.

Apple Focuses on ITunes Buying Habits to Fine-tune IAd

Apple is studying the buying habits of many of its 150 million iTunes users in effort to target advertising to customers, according to Bloomberg.

FileMaker Updates FileMaker Pro 11, Pro, Server

Apple-owned FileMaker has updated its FileMaker database software.

LogMeIn Rescue Adds Remote Support for Apple's IPad

LogMeIn has announced its flagship remote support product, LogMeIn Rescue has been updated to support the growing popularity of Apple's iPad.

iPad Hacked to Run Adobe Flash

Video tutorial shows how a jailbroken iPad can now run Adobe's Flash -- but only barely.


No Recall for Apple iPhone 4 Despite Reports

A report in a British tabloid led to false rumors this weekend that Apple's latest smartphone might be recalled this week.


Police Facial Recognition: There's an App for That

U.S. cops are employing Apple's iPhone to help identify potential criminals, using an app from BI2 Technologies.


Apple's Mac Mini Gets a New Look

Apple has unveiled a redesigned Mac mini, promising up to twice the graphics performance then previous models, along with a new HDMI port and SD card slot.

Mubaloo Offers Free World Cup IPhone App

Mubaloo has introduced South Africa Tracker 2010 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which has already seen record downloads from the iTunes App Store.


Epilepsy? There's an App for That

The National Society for Epilepsy has turned to the iPhone to make young people more epilepsy aware, with the launch of a new iPhone app.


Apple's Safari 5 Now Available to Download

Apple has announced that Safari 5 is now available to download for both Mac and Windows.

E-Reader Sales to Peak by 2013, Report Says

The iPad and other multifunction devices will lead the shift away from dedicated e-readers, analysts predict.


FileMaker Puts Bento on iPad

Apple-owned FileMaker has released a personal database app for iPad via the iTunes App Store.