HP Closes Palm Deal, Plans WebOS Tablet

The smartphone maker's WebOS will be implemented in a range of HP tablet PCs and netbooks

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LinkedIn App Comes to BlackBerry, Finally

LinkedIn is finally available as a BlackBerry application - 18 months after it became available for Apple's iPhone.

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Microsoft Announces Windows 7 SP1

The first major update to Windows 7 is in the works, but no word yet on the beta release.

Berners-Lee Opens Government Data Website

Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee has launched a new government website which aims to provide free public access to official data such as traffic statistics, crime...

Dell Tweaks Chrome for Mini 10v

A modified version of Google's Chrome open-source OS can run natively on the Dell netbook.

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New Malware Scam Targets Twilight Fans

Security firm warns that a free movie offer supplies instead a contaminated viewer.

Windows 8 Details Emerge

Windows 8 will include a 128bit architecture, according to an embarrassing leak from Microsoft's research and development team

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Twitter Targeted by Familiar Worm

Users of the microblogging site are again threatened with infection by Koobface.

Google in Clear Over 'Defamatory' Search Results

Google has won a landmark ruling in the UK which states that the search giant cannot be held responsible for content that shows up in web searches.

Google Book Service Faces European Probe

The European Union joins other jurisdictions in scrutinizing Google's plan to make the content of millions of books available online.

YouTube Yanks Thousands of Porn Videos

The video site is cleaning up its servers after a coordinated attack that involved uploading thousands of porn videos in protest.

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iPhone Sales Hit 17 Million

More than 25 million App Store programs are available, Apple reports.

Computer Games are Good for Kids, Parents Say

Microsoft's Play Smart, Play Safe study of British parents calls games a "great social experience" but still advises supervision.

World PC Sales Set for Massive Decline

The world PC market is set for its sharpest unit decline in history this year, with the current financial uncertainty encouraging customers to hold on to PCs for longer.

Scam Antivirus App Spreads Malware

Promoters of the virus are even seeding fake product reviews promoting the supposed antivirus app.