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Android Gains With Small Phone Makers in China

Google's Android is picking up steam in China among both big and small mobile phone makers, and the OS is set to move even further down the price chain.

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China State News Agency Web Site Hit With Malware

A section of the Web site for China's state-run Xinhua news agency was found to be distributing malware recently, for unknown reasons.

Wi-Fi Key-cracking Kits Sold in China Mean Free Internet

Salesmen in China are making money from long-known weaknesses in a Wi-Fi encryption standard, by widely selling network key-cracking kits for average users.

Apple Tweaks Wi-Fi in IPhone to Use China Protocol

Apple has tweaked its iPhone to support a Chinese security protocol for wireless networks, suggesting an iPhone with Wi-Fi could go on sale there.

Microsoft Wins Piracy Case Against Chinese Company

Microsoft won a Chinese court case over pirated software used by a local insurance company, and was awarded damages to the tune of US$320,000.

Illegal Satellite TV in China Brings CNN to the Masses

A black market for satellite TV is booming in China as a middle class grows there.

Chinese Online Games Shut Down for Quake Mourning Day

Online games, music services and parts of other Web sites in China were shut down for a government-ordered day of mourning after a deadly earthquake last week.

China Warns Against IBM Slogan 'Smarter Planet'

China's industry and IT minister appeared to take aim at IBM as he warned against 'Smarter Planet' projects, such as citywide sets of sensors for analytics.

Report: Google Attack Targeted 'Gaia' Password System

Google property stolen in cyberattacks last year included a password system that gives access to multiple services after one login, The New York Times said.

Lenovo Reveals Tweaked Android, App Store for Lephone

Lenovo showed off a tweaked version of Google's Android OS on its upcoming Lephone handset, and it launched an accompanying application download store.

More Rural Chinese Surf the Web by Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are an increasingly popular way to get online in rural China, but an urban-rural 'digital divide' is still growing, a survey found.

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China Reports Millions of Conficker Worm Infections

China hosted more than one in four of the world's IP addresses infected with a major variant of the Conficker worm last year, according to a Chinese report.

Intel Execs Give Lukewarm Predictions for Tablets

Netbooks have become a big business for Intel, but company executives gave lukewarm predictions for tablet PCs.

Hate Voice-controlled Phone Menus? So Does Intel Exec

Intel's David Perlmutter says voice recognition is a key to people working more naturally with computers, but that the software needs a lot of work.

Intel Sensor Records All Home Power Use From One Outlet

Intel showed off a pocket-sized device that plugs into a single electrical outlet to monitor power usage by gadgets and appliances across a house.