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Chinese E-publisher Plans Baidu Copyright Lawsuit

A Chinese e-publisher plans to file suit against local search engine Baidu.com as Google also faces legal pressure from Chinese authors over Google Books.

Design Company Bing Sues Microsoft Over Trademark

A small Missouri company with the word "Bing" in its name has sued Microsoft for branding its search engine with the same word.

China Jails Trojan Virus Authors in Cybercrime Crackdown

A Chinese court gave prison terms to 11 members of a crime ring that wrote and distributed Trojan horse viruses to steal online game account passwords

Chinese Author Sues Google Over Book Scanning

A Chinese author has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Google over its book-scanning program, adding to opposition the project has faced in China.

McAfee Aims to Localize in China Sales Push

McAfee will form a new Chinese subsidiary and expand its staff in the country as it looks for new inroads to the local security market.

Spam-linked Chinese Domain Registrar Caught in Porn Cleanup

A Chinese domain registrar long criticized for serving malicious domains promised stricter oversight after being censured in a government war on Internet porn.

Microsoft Halts Microblog Service Accused of Copying Plurk

Microsoft suspended a microblog-style site for Chinese users after the service was accused of copying programming code from Plurk, a Twitter rival.

Yahoo's Microblog Now in Chinese, but Blocked in China

Yahoo microblog site Yahoo Meme is now available in Chinese, but the service is blocked in mainland China, highlighting regulatory woes for the industry there.

Microblogs in Asia Eye Games, Virtual Goods for Revenue

qTwitter-style sites are all searching for ways to become profitable but in Asia they may have more options, such as offering games and selling virtual goods.

China Unicom's IPhone Sales Hit 100,000

China Unicom said it has sold more than 100,000 iPhones, marking a slight pickup in sales since it launched the phone in late October.

China Expands Porn Sting by Shutting P2P Video Sites

Chinese regulators have taken a wide-ranging war against online porn one step further by closing a series of popular BitTorrent and video-sharing Web sites.

Microblogs Face Uphill Battle With China's Censors

Microblogging services are taking off in China, but regulation by an authoritarian government is challenging their growth.

Motorola to Sell Droid-style Phone in China This Month

Motorola will start selling a smartphone similar to the Droid in China this month, but it will use a local 3G standard and Android-based OS.

China Warns of Skype Phishing, Shuts Offending Domain

China's cyberthreat response group Monday warned local Skype users not to give away information to phishing scams.

Apple Confirms Lala Music Service Acquisition

Apple has acquired online music streaming company Lala, adding to the ways it could offer music to users.