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Two Weeks, 5 IPhones Sold in Chinese Online Store

China Unicom has sold just five iPhones through China's equivalent of eBay in the two weeks since it opened a virtual shop there.

AMD CEO Sees 'immense' Benefit From Intel Settlement

The recent legal settlement between Intel and AMD will bring new business to AMD and major benefit for its customers, the chip maker said Wednesday.

Microsoft Offers Twitter-style Service in China

Microsoft has launched a microblog-style service in China based on Windows Live Messenger, called MSN Juku.

Baidu Targets Google With Mobile Search App

Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com is pre-installing a mobile service app on handsets, its latest blow to Google over mobile search in China.

Lenovo Buys Back Phone Unit With Eye on Mobile Web Products

Lenovo will buy back the mobile phone unit that it spun off last year, hoping to tap the mobile Internet device market.

China Warns About Return of Destructive Panda Virus

A computer worm that China warned Internet users against is an updated version of the Panda Burning Incense virus, which infected millions of PCs.

Chinese EBay Rival Branches out With Branded Mobile Phone

China's biggest online auction and retail Web site, Taobao.com, plans to stamp its name on a new mobile phone, the brand's first foray into devices.

3G Means More Porn, China Laments Amid Cleanup

China called for a cleanup of mobile porn Web sites on Wednesday as it blamed their rise on high-speed 3G mobile data services.

China Hopes Taiwan 3G Test Will Boost Homegrown Technologies

China expressed its hope that a 3G trial network in Taiwan will lead to more cooperation on technical standards between the two places.

3G Means More Porn, China Laments Amid Cleanup

High-speed mobile Internet service is helping people spread porn online, China said

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Hacks of Chinese Temple Were Online Kung Fu, Abbot Says

The Web site of China's Shaolin Temple, a famous kung fu training ground, has been hacked multiple times by attackers critical of its commercial activities.

KT to Sell IPhone in South Korea

South Korean carrier KT will start selling the iPhone this month, the company said Monday, bringing the hit device to another Asian country.

Alibaba Site With Own Search Engine May Outshine Yahoo China

Alibaba Group, which owns Yahoo China, is increasingly adding features to retail site Taobao.com that the group formerly reserved for Yahoo.

China Unicom 3G Growth Seven Times Faster Than China Mobile

China Unicom's 3G service won over 1 million users in its first month, a level China Mobile only reached after seven months with its homegrown 3G standard.

China Wants Fewer Monsters, More 'culture' in Online Games

China ordered online games to include less "lowbrow" content such as monster hunting.