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Intel Says Its Light Peak Optical Cables May Succeed USB

Intel sees its Light Peak technology for linking devices by optical cable as potentially succeeding USB 3.0.

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Intel Adds Chinese Partner for Slate-style Netbooks

Intel added a second Chinese company, PC maker Tongfang, as a partner for its Convertible Classmate netbooks, which can also collapse into a slate computer.

Intel Teams With China's Tencent on MeeGo Mobile OS

Intel will team with Chinese Internet company Tencent on development for the next generation of the MeeGo mobile operating system.

Intel Puts Google's Android on Atom Smartphones

Intel has ported Google's Android mobile operating system to smartphones based on its Atom microprocessors.

Pictures of New Dell 3G Phone Put on China Regulator Site

Pictures of two Dell smartphones, including one with China's 3G mobile standard and a new body shape for Dell phones, were posted by a Chinese regulator.

Google Says Mobile Services Now Mostly Accessible in China

Google began saying its mobile services in China were fully accessible or subject only to small-scale blocking, rather than "partially blocked."

FTC May Try to Block Google's AdMob Deal, Report Says

The Federal Trade Commission may be preparing to challenge Google's planned acquisition of AdMob on antitrust concerns, a news report said.

China Rejects Hacking 'insinuations' After Spy Ring Revealed

China rejected 'insinuations' of government involvement in cyberattacks after researchers exposed a China-based cyber-espionage ring.

Google, Not Blocked in China, Still Faces Risks

Ten days after Google snubbed Chinese government censors by moving its search engine there to Hong Kong, its Web search service remains unblocked in China. But...

Chinese Police Smash Mobile Phone Smuggling Ring

Chinese police have smashed a mobile phone smuggling ring that involved up to 160 people and was worth over 7.8 billion yuan (US$1.1 billion), state media said.

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Chinese Knockoffs: Fake iPhones and Strange Sights at a Shenzhen Market

An eye-opening walkthrough a major cell phone street market in the freewheeling city of Shenzhen, China.

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Millions in China Have No Antivirus Software, Survey Shows

The massive number of Chinese Internet users running no antivirus software increased to 4.4 percent last year, a survey showed.

Apple's IPad Fuels Interest in Rival Devices in China

The coming launch of Apple's iPad has helped ignite interest in tablet computers in China, where a growing number of companies are planning similar devices.

Google Says Mobile Services in China Partly Blocked

Google mobile services have been partly blocked in China, according to the company, after it snubbed the Chinese government over censorship last week.

Amazon Kindle Hits China's Gray Market

The Amazon Kindle, like popular devices such as the iPhone before it, is being unofficially sold in bustling Chinese bazaars on the 'gray market.'