Lenovo Profits Return as Restructuring Pays off

Lenovo posted its first quarterly net profit in a year, marking gains from a restructuring and strong sales in emerging markets.

China Bans Solitary Confinement for Internet Addicts

China banned the use of physical punishment or confinement to treat Internet addiction after a teenager's death in a clinic months ago.

Only Robots Allowed at China's Next Olympics

China plans to hold a robot Olympics next June with events including combat, dancing and track and field. Only robots with two arms and legs can compete.

Huawei Promises Series of Android Phones

China's Huawei will release a series of mobile phones using the Google Android OS in Europe, the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Chinese Bank Expands Use of Microsoft Financial Products

Microsoft signed a cooperation deal Tuesday with a big Chinese bank, a potentially major enterprise customer for its financial products and services.

Chinese Government Agencies Battle Over Warcraft

A Chinese government agency halted its approval process for World of Warcraft to operate in China, deepening its power struggle with another regulatory agency.

Yahoo's 'It's You' Ad Campaign to Skip China

Yahoo China will be left out of Yahoo's US$100 million global branding campaign.

Cisco to Buy Chinese Set-top Box Business

Cisco Systems will buy a Chinese set-top box maker as the country works to digitize all cable television by 2015, creating market opportunities.

Lenovo, HP Lead Way Into Rural China PC Market

HP, Lenovo and other PC makers looking to boost sales have increasingly zoned in on rural China, a vast and largely untapped source of new PC users.

iPhone Gets Slow Start at China Sales Launch

The iPhone got a slow start in China late on Friday as China Unicom and Apple launched sales on a rainy evening without long buyer lines.

China Claims Supercomputer Among World's Fastest

China announced its fastest supercomputer yet on Thursday, a petaflop-class machine, in a show of China's goal to become a world leader in technology.

SMIC Extends Loss Streak, but Revenue up

SMIC, China's largest chip maker, posted its tenth straight quarterly loss, but a rise in revenue from the past quarter reflected the industry's recovery.

Google Accused of 'malicious Revenge' in China

The official newspaper of China's ruling communist party accused Google of "malicious revenge" after a Google malware warning appeared by one of its Web sites.

China Security Market Tough to Crack for Foreign Vendors

Major security vendors who have long tried to crack China's market have met obstacles localizing their products and securing distribution channels.

China's Baidu Sees Profit Surge as Lead Over Google Grows

Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com reported a 40 percent hike in net income and appeared set to continue building its lead over rival Google.