China Unicom Aims for Rival's Gray-market IPhone Users

China Unicom, set to start iPhone sales Friday, will aim to snatch subscribers from rival China Mobile by offering 3G service to users of gray-market iPhones.

Still No Internet or SMS Allowed in China's Muslim Region

Internet access and text messaging are still blocked in China's Xinjiang province, nearly four months after deadly ethnic riots there.

Huawei Still Eyes Developed Markets From Outside

Chinese networking giant Huawei Technologies has struggled to break into developed markets for communications equipment, despite long-standing fear among the...

Google, Facebook to Offer Music Sales

Both Google and Facebook plan to let users buy music on their sites.

Dell Touts Services Tack After Acer PC Triumph

A Dell executive dismissed Acer's rise past Dell in PC sales and said Dell will focus on pairing hardware and IT services rather than PC unit shipments.

Chinese Authors Mull Action Over Google Book Settlement

A Chinese author group is mulling whether to take legal action against Google over its book scanning project, or join a U.S. legal settlement of the matter.

Baidu Stings Google With China Carrier Search Deal

Services from Chinese search engine Baidu will be pre-installed on 3G handsets from China Unicom, a blow to Google as it fights Baidu for search market share.

China's Online Video Piracy Jumps to Internet TVs

Internet-linked TVs, many using peer-to-peer download tools, are winning buyers in China despite piracy concerns and government moves toward regulation.

China's Taobao Fights Piracy as It Courts Foreign Partners

Taobao, part of Alibaba Group known as "China's eBay," has fought harder againts fake goods as its parent eyes overseas expansion and partnerships.

Microsoft Pushes Bing in China With Mobile Portal

Microsoft stepped up promotion of Bing in China with the launch of a Web services platform for mobile phones this week. Bing has not caught on in China.

Perot to Buy China Consultancy After Dell Deal

Perot Systems will buy the Chinese unit of management consultancy BearingPoint, bulking up its China business as it is acquired by Dell.

China to Clean up Online Games Amid Addiction Woes

Chinese authorities have promised to clean the country's online gaming industry of 'unhealthy' content like violence and pornography this year.

China Clamps Down on Internet Ahead of 60th Anniversary

China has clamped down on VPNs and other online censorship circumvention tools as it prepares to mark 60 years of communist rule with a major military parade.

Perot Worker Charged With Insider Trading in Dell Deal

The SEC alleged that a worker at an affiliate of Perot Systems made $8.6 million from insider trading surrounding Dell's takeover of the company this week.

Nintendo Cuts Wii Price to $200 in Console War

Nintendo will cut the price of its popular Wii gaming console to $200 on Sunday, escalating a price war with rival consoles in a weak video game market.