Alibaba Aims to Draw Micro-entrepreneurs Online

China's Alibaba will team up with Grameen Bank on a microlending program in China that could draw loan recipients onto Alibaba's top e-commerce Web sites.

Microsoft Acquisition Adds to Parallel Computing Focus

Microsoft purchased assets in a company that does parallel computing, a mainly supercomputing function that Microsoft aims to develop for a broader audience.

South Korea Clears Path for IPhone Sale

South Korean regulators cleared the iPhone for sale in the country on Wednesday by lifting a legal bar on operation of location-based services by Apple.

Google Losing in China as New Users Go to Baidu

Google's market share in China has slipped this year and will continue falling because new local Web users prefer Baidu, a Chinese government report said.

US Company Burned by China Web Filter Plans Rival Product

A US company whose software code was stolen by Green Dam, a Chinese state-backed Web filter, may hit back by launching its rival product for free in China.

Last Major PC Makers Ditch Chinese Web Filter

Lenovo and Acer have ended distribution of Green Dam, a Web filter program formerly mandated by China, in the latest blow to China's efforts to deploy it.

China Mobile to Run E-book Service Like Amazon

China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier by subscriber numbers, will offer over 100,000 e-books for download on upcoming wireless e-readers.

Young Chinese Strike Gold in E-commerce

Many young Chinese are making full-time jobs out of selling makeup or other wares on, known as "China's eBay," as e-commerce booms in the country.

IBM Green City Lab Aims for Chinese Government Deals

IBM will develop green urban planning applications with a Chinese city that it could peddle in other Chinese government deals later

China Mobile IPhone Killer Will Not Be Cheap

Lenovo Mobile is making handsets for China's 3G standard that will reach China Mobile's target price of $150, but its high-end iPhone rival will cost more.

MediaTek App Store to Serve Chinese Mass Market

MediaTek has started shipping a new generation of its widely used mobile phone chips with support for an application download store

Lenovo Founder Shares Slogans, Tells Tales of 1980s China

Lenovo's chairman shared Chinese revolution-spirited slogans and the unlikely story of Lenovo's growth in a motivational speech to small Chinese businesses.

Intel Exec Gelsinger Leaving for EMC

Pat Gelsinger, long a key executive at Intel, will leave the company for storage vendor EMC, an EMC spokeswoman said.

Kobe Bryant Motivates Tech Companies in China

NBA star Kobe Bryant, who is hugely popular in China, shared motivational words with Chinese tech start-ups and other small businesses at a forum.

Chinese EBay Rival Aims for 1 Billion Global Users, an Alibaba Group company dubbed "China's eBay," will aim to expand abroad after first boosting sales of foreign products on its platform in China.