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Chinese EBay Rival Taobao to Share Wide Transaction Data

China's Taobao.com, a rival to eBay, plans to open up site-wide transaction data so users can learn about buying trends in the world's biggest market.

China Unicom in Talks to Offer BlackBerry

China Unicom says it is in talks with Research In Motion about offering BlackBerry devices, making it the third Chinese carrier interested in them.

Malware Attack Uses China World Expo Guise

A malware attack dressed up as an e-mail from organizers of the upcoming Shanghai World Expo targeted at least three foreign journalists in China.

Google Still Censoring Porn for Redirected Chinese Users

Google is still censoring pornographic search results for users in China who are redirected to its Hong Kong site.

Google Has Minor China Outage After Censorship Snub

Google search experienced a brief and spotty outage in China after the company snubbed China on censorship.

Google Services Survive in China So Far, but Users Worry

Google's services for Chinese users remained accessible in China in the half-day after the company closed a censored version of its search engine.

China Defends Censorship, Plays Down Google Harm on US Ties

China defended its Internet censorship rules and played down any effect on China-U.S. ties after Google stopped censoring search results for Chinese users.

China: Google 'totally Wrong' to Stop Censoring

Google was "totally wrong" to stop censoring results on its China-based search engine, Chinese state media cited a government official as saying.

China State Media Cranks up Google Tension Amid Speculation

State-controlled Chinese media accused Google of political motives in its threat to exit China, suggesting an unyielding government stance toward Google.

Fake MacBook Air, 'big IPhone' Tablet on Show in China

A Chinese gadget maker showed off a knock-off MacBook Air running Windows and a tablet computer shaped exactly like an iPhone with a 10-inch screen.

Color and Video Coming to Kindle? Partner Shows New Screens

Color e-reader screens that can imitate video playback were on show Thursday from Taiwan's Prime View International, which makes the Kindle for Amazon.com.

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China Mobile Wants IPad, and Chinese 3G for Apple's IPhone

China Mobile hopes to offer both Apple's iPad and a version of the iPhone that supports China's homegrown 3G standard, comments by its chairman showed.

Google's China Ad Partners Wait in 'incomparable Pain'

A group of ad resellers for Google in China asked the company to explain what will happen to them if Google.cn is shut down.

HP Starts Damage Control After China Laptop Buyer Complaint

Hewlett-Packard extended the warranties on motherboards in certain laptops in China as it came under fire for problems including overheating.

Smartphones Spread Slowly in China, Despite 3G and IPhone

China now has the iPhone and more big-name smartphones are due in the country, but high prices mean few Chinese buyers overall are choosing smartphones.