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China Further Tightens Rules for Domain Name Owners

Web site owners in China will have to start submitting personal photos to register their sites with the government under new trial regulations.

Google Search Share Slips in China, Bing Tiny in 2009

Google lost some search share in China to rival Baidu.com last year, as Yahoo also slipped and Bing proved unpopular in the country, a consultancy says.

China's President Skips Twitter, Opens State-tied Microblog

Chinese president Hu Jintao has opened a microblog, adopting the technology despite his government's work to stifle free speech by microblog users in China.

Chinese Schools Deny Role in Google Hack

Two schools in China where computers were reportedly linked to cyberattacks on Google denied involvement in the hack, Chinese state media said.

Google Closes On2 Acquisition for $124.6 Million

Google has finished its acquisition of video compression technology vendor On2 Technologies, boosting its efforts in online video.

Windows 7 Anti-piracy Update Coming to China Late

Chinese users will receive the latest update to Windows 7 activation technology months later than users elsewhere.

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China's .cn Cleanup Shows Politics Behind Web Rules

China’s Web domain agency has hired 600 temporary workers to help it vet all domain names ending in .cn for pornographic content and inaccurate records.

Chinese Artist-dissident Lauds Google Plan to Stop Censoring

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei supported Google's plan to stop censoring results on its China-based search engine in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

Baidu Sees Confidence Boost After Google's China Threat

After Google's threat last month to exit China, advertisers have become more confident in the search engine's main local rival Baidu.com, Baidu said.

Microsoft E-health Research Taps Xbox, Mobile Phones

Microsoft is researching how gadgets like the company's Xbox 360, surface computers and accelerometers in mobile phones could be used to improve health care.

China Closes Hacker Training Site, Arrests Three Members

Chinese police have shut down what they called the country's biggest hacker training Web site and arrested three people linked to the site, local media said.

World of Warcraft Seeks Reapproval in China Gov't Tangle

The China operator of World of Warcraft will seek new government approval for the game, dragging it further into a turf war between Chinese regulatory agencies.

IT Services Vendor Takes China Internet Quirks in Stride

ChinaNetCloud, a fledgling IT services company in Shanghai, aims to tap rising demand for back-end IT services in China, a complex Internet environment.

Lenovo Adds Mobile Phone Details, Posts Profit Rise

Lenovo's work on mobile phones with Google's Android OS is focused on its Lephone handset, but the company also wants to reach other price points, it said.

Web Addiction Soars Among China's Youth, Survey Says

China's number of young people addicted to the Internet leaped to 24 million last year, nearly double the figure from 2005.