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China Works to Toughen Hacking Laws

Chinese officials are formulating a judicial interpretation on hacking laws, following other steps by China in the last year to crack down on cybercrime.

China Tablet PC Maker May Sue Apple Over iPad Design

A Chinese company that sells a tablet PC like Apple's newly announced iPad may sue the U.S. company over the similar design between the devices.

Google, IP Struggles Fuel US Business Concerns in China

The U.S. warned that China must become more transparent and predictable, as the Google-China row highlighted a tough business environment for foreign companies.

Ballmer Defends Microsoft as China Plays up Gates' Comments

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer defended the company's presence in China as Chinese media seized on Bill Gates saying China's Web censorship was "limited."

China's Baidu Wins Copyright Case Over Music Search

Global music labels have lost a lawsuit against China's biggest search engine, Baidu.com, which they accused of facilitating copyright infringement with its song...

China Says No Limits on Google's Android If It Follows Laws

China said Google's Android operating system will not be blocked if it follows local regulations.

Chinese Censorship Strong Despite Google

The Internet has loosened the control Chinese authorities hold over information in the country, but Web censorship there is still widely effective.

Chinese Human Rights Sites Hit by DDoS Attack

Five Web sites run by Chinese rights activists were attacked by hackers over the weekend, including with a DDoS attack.

China Rejects Accusations on Google Hack, Internet Freedom

China on Monday dismissed accusations of any government role in alleged cyberattacks on Google and other U.S. companies.

China Slams Clinton's Call for Internet Freedom

China slammed remarks made by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promoting Internet freedom worldwide, saying she harmed U.S.-China relations.

Baidu Lawsuit: Register.com Rep Refused Aid After Hack

Chinese search engine Baidu.com alleges in a lawsuit against registrar Register.com that it was stranded without technical support after being hacked last week.

China Online Game Companies Plan US Games

China's online game companies increasingly want to offer games in the U.S.

China's Baidu Sues US Domain Registrar After Hack

Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com has sued its U.S. domain registrar, Register.com, over a hack that took down the Web site.

China: We Are Biggest Victim of Cyberattacks

China on Tuesday denied any role in alleged cyberattacks on Indian government offices, calling China itself the "biggest victim" of hacking attacks.

China Pays Web Users to Find Porn Amid Crackdown

China has paid cash rewards to more than 200 people who found online porn and reported it to authorities.