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Report: Apple in Talks With Publisher on Tablet E-books

Apple is in talks with HarperCollins Publishers about offering e-books for the upcoming Apple tablet device, The Wall Street Journal said.

Gmail of Foreign Journalists in China Hijacked

The Gmail accounts of foreign reporters in at least two news bureaus in Beijing were recently hijacked, after Google

What Gmail Hack? China Spins News of Google Threat

Chinese state media has spun Google's threat to leave China as a purely commercial move, dismissing human rights concerns raised by Google.

China Restores Text Messaging in Cut-off Muslim Region

China has restored mobile text message services in a Western province where they were suspended for months following unrest.

Alibaba Calls Yahoo's Support of Google 'reckless'

China's Alibaba Group, owner of Yahoo China, rejected as 'reckless' a Yahoo statement supporting Google, after Google said it was hit by Chinese cyberattacks.

China EBay Rival to Sell Merchant Tools in 'app Store'

Chinese e-commerce site Taobao.com will start selling merchant and buyer tools in an application download store.

China Emphasizes Laws as Google Defies Censorship

China said foreign companies are welcome to operate in China according to local laws, after Google said it will stop censoring search results there.

Timeline: Google's Growth and Censorship Woes in China

Google this week said it would stop censoring search results on Google.cn, its search engine for users in China, and that the company may exit China altogether...

China Won't Yield to Google on Censorship, Analysts Say

Google risks having its online services blocked in China as it defies local authorities by ending censorship of results on its Chinese search engine, analysts...

Cisco Aims at China Market With Restructuring

Cisco Systems is adding a China business unit to its Asia division, highlighting the strength of the Chinese market and Cisco's efforts to grow there.

Google Apologizes to Chinese Authors for Book Scanning

Google has apologized to a Chinese authors' group over its scanning of books by local writers into the Google Books service.

China's Hanvon Aims for Europe With E-readers

Chinese e-reader maker Hanvon Technology is trying to sell more of its devices in Europe and the U.S.

GlobalFoundries Adds Big Customer With Qualcomm Deal

GlobalFoundries is likely to start manufacturing semiconductors for Qualcomm, the companies said Thursday, adding a major customer for the foundry.

Baidu Plans Online Video Site, Upping Ante for Google

Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com will open a separate company that offers online video, as rival Google's YouTube remains blocked in China

Report: Ballmer to Unveil Tablet Computer Before Apple

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will announce a multimedia tablet computer on Wednesday at CES to be made by Hewlett-Packard, according to The New York Times.