How to Improve Windows Vista's Performance

These tips and techniques make your OS go faster.


LiveScribe Digital Pen Talks Back

This digital pen is a great choice for students, journalists. and meeting-hoppers.

Sony's Walkman MP3 Player

Thirty years after the first cassette Walkman was introduced, the Sony Walkman NWZ-S738F is now a high-quality MP3 player.


iPhone 3G Torture Tests

In our second annual iPhone Stress Tests, Senior Editor Tim Moynihan applied a serious beating to the Apple iPhone 3G using keys, breakfast cereal, water, dish soap, and city sidewalks.

Dive into Google Ocean

Google launches an updated version of Google Earth that includes oceanic 3D underwater terrain as well as historical imagery.

New nVidia Platform Promises to Speed Up Netbooks

By combining Intel's Atom processor and nVidia's GPU, the Ion platform can bring decent gaming and video performance to typically underpowered netbooks.

A Video Look at Getting High Online

Dozens of mind-altering substances including herbs, seeds, powders, and extracts from plants are currently being sold on the Web. Editor Ed Albro reports on the thriving online business behind getting people high.

Sights and Sounds of CES 2009

Take a look at the sights and sounds at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

A Look at Palm's Pre and Other CES Cell Phones

Here's the new Palm Pre's smart phone interface as the company demo-ed it for us. Also, a Dick Tracy-esque wristphone from LG, and Motorola's entry into the touchscreen smart phone arena.


Super-Thin Web-Enabled HDTVs

We saw super-thin HDTVs, many of them Internet-enabled. Other TVs featured built-in Blu-ray players and new backlighting schemas.


How to Spruce Up Your Home Videos

Quick tips that show you how to edit together clips from your home videos.


A Mini-DSLR Camera? Panasonic's Lumix DMC-G1

The Panasonic Lumix G1 is the first interchangeable lens camera with an electronic viewfinder, and has been promoted as a mini-SLR.


Robots Take Over Conference

RoboDevelopment08 showcased a variety of devices ranging from a Rubik's Cube-solving robot, to one that can compete at Guitar Hero.


Virgin and YouTube Team Up For WiFi in the Sky

A Virgin America flight held a VIP party to test the company's new Gogo in-flight WiFi service and streamed video streaming from 35,000 feet to the YouTube Live event.

How to Reinstall Windows XP

Give Windows XP a fresh start by reinstalling the OS.