Take a Tour of PC World's Test Center

Test Center Director Jeff Kuta takes you on a guided tour of our Test Center, explaining PC World's processes and testing procedures.

Is That Ink Cartridge Really Empty?

We ran printers until they said it was time to change the cartridge--and found that some left more than 40 percent of their ink unused. Is all that waste really necessary -- especially considering how much printer ink costs?

A Tour of Windows 7 Beta

Senior editor Denny Arar takes a look at the beta version of Windows 7, and talks about interface changes, performance enhancements, and other new features.

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Pantech's C610 Cell Phone Wants Your Vote!

'The Pantech C610 cell phone has a glossy screen that resists earmarks, it features a straight-talk design, and its camera is suitable for taking photos of Russia from your front porch.

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Internet Superstars: Where Are They Now?

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Web has spawned more than its share of worldwide stars--and as fast as they go viral, these short-lived sensations fade away. We tracked down some of the Internet's biggest overnight sensations to see what they've been up to.

LucasArts Announces New Online Star Wars Game

One of the oldest rumors in the gaming world has finally been confirmed: LucasArts and Bioware are developing a massively multiplayer online Star Wars game. It's called "The Old Republic."

Exploring Apple's New Touchpad

The redesigned touchpad is a key feature of Apple's newest MacBook. We take a close look, and run through the new finger gestures that act as shortcuts.

The Google Android Phone Arrives

T-Mobile's G1, the first phone out with Google's Android operating system, is finally here. The G1 boasts excellent ergonomics and call quality, but it's held back by basic omissions, such as no standard headphone jack and a camera with few features.

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Samsung Returns to the U.S. Laptop Market

After a long hiatus, Samsung re-enters the U.S. laptop scene by releasing several new notebook lines, including an ultra-thin device designed to compete with the MacBook Air.

Apple Revamps Its Entire Laptop Line

Steve Jobs announced changes to Apple's MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air laptops. Some of the new features are faster graphics with Nvidia chips, aluminum cases, and improved trackpads.

Slacker G2 Portable Internet Radio

Slacker has released the G2 portable Internet radio player that works wirelessly with the Slacker.com Internet radio service.

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Microsoft's Competitive Zune120 MP3 Player

Microsoft's newest Zune has an innovative twist on music discovery, and it's a worthy alternative to the 120GB iPod Classic. Staff Writer Ginny Mies takes a look.

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Trend-Setting HTC Touch Diamond

HTC's Touch Diamond smart phone is a snazzy new device that features an attractive UI: HTC's TouchFLO 3D interface and it looks set to be a hit this fall.

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The Sonos Multi-Room Music System

The Sonos music system lets you set up and play zone-based music throughout your house from a single controller.

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Rockband 2 Brings Down the House!

Senior associate editor Danny Allen gets his hands on Rockband 2 and decides it's time to get the band back together again!

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