A Look at Apple's Multi-Touch Magic Mouse

Apple's newest input device, the Magic Mouse, connects through Bluetooth and recognizes multi-touch gestures.

How to Install Windows 7 (Before Your OS Launch Party)

Welcome to the party! Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer shows you how to install Windows 7 before you celebrate its launch with your friends.

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New Flip MinoHD Pocket Camcorder Has Solid Improvements

Slick looks, a solid metal build, and a number of refinements make the second-generation Flip Video MinoHD one hot pocket camcorder.

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Digital Demolition: Hard Drive vs. Flame Thrower!

The ioSafe external hard drive is designed to withstand home catastrophes such as floods and fires. But can it survive the 3000-degree fire cannon?

Get Prints in Minutes with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Camera

Lightweight and compact, Fujifilm's Instax Mini 7 is a modern version of a Polaroid camera.

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Samsung's Dual Screen TL225 Digital Camera

Samsung's dual-view TL225 features two LCD screens and has a touchscreen interface.

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New Mobile Internet Devices at the Intel Developer Forum

One focus of this year's Intel Developer Forum is small portable computing devices running a variety of Windows operating systems. We look at the Viliv S10 Blade, the Archos 9 PC tablet, and the Umid M1.

Apple iPod Nano's Video Capabilities: A Closer Look

Everyone raves about the addition of a video camera to the iPod Nano, but is it really that impressive?

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Superfast USB 3.0 Transfer Rates Displayed at the Intel Developer's Forum

At the Intel Developer's Forum, a USB 3.0 camera was on display that streamed uncompressed 1080p video to a monitor.

Disaster! How to Retrieve a Deleted File

What you've accidentally erased isn't necessarily gone forever.

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Microsoft Zune HD Features Solid Improvements

The Zune HD marks a huge improvement from last year's model in speed, usability, video quality, and design.

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How to Sync iTunes with Your Non-iPod Player

You don't have to lose your painstakingly crafted iTunes playlists if you move to a non-Apple player.

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HP's Business-Ready Mini 5101 Netbook

HP's Business-based netbook grows up--and introduces some long-overdue improvements.

Samsung's Kid-Friendly Go Netbook

The colorful rubberized shell of the Samsung Go is certainly not subtle, but don't let its fashion-forward design fool you into thinking it's a mere plaything.

How We Test High-Definition TVs

Get a glimpse into PC World's rigorous HDTV testing process.

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