New Instrument Makes Music With Lasers

The Beamz Interactive Music System lets you play music by simply passing your hands through six laser beams that trigger different streams of musical notes and sounds.


How to Boost Your Gadget's Battery Life

Sick of running out of juice at the worst possible moment? Here's how to squeeze every last drop out of your gadgets' batteries and charge them up quickly and conveniently.


Canon SD1200 Camera is Ideal For Summertime

For the price, the SD1200 packs in the right amount of features for casual photographers and summer vacationers.


How to Resurrect a Crashed Hard Drive

Recover data using the freezer and Frisbee tricks and more.

Let the Battle Begin! The 40th Anniversary of Nerf

To mark its 40th anniversary, Nerf sent us a small arsenal of weapons stocked with foam ammo. When this package landed in PC World's intern pen, how could hostilities not ensue?

iPhone Astronomy Apps

With the recent news about outer space it’s easy to get excited over galactic exploration. Here are three iPhone apps to sate your cosmic urges.

The Powerful Gateway P7808U Laptop

The Gateway P-7808u is a very capable desktop replacement, incorporating some high-end hardware for a very reasonable price.

T-Mobile's MyTouch 3G Is A Much-Improved Google Phone

The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is T-Mobile's second smartphone running Google's Android mobile operating system.

Apple iTunes: How to Organize and Manage Your Music Collection

If you've ever owned an iPhone or an iPod, chances are you now manage your music using iTunes. You can make it easier by using these tips and tricks.


Acer Aspire 8930 Laptop for Mobility-Minded Gamers

Thanks to a couple of reasonably primo parts, this high-octane laptop is a solid choice for mobility-minded gamers.

HP's HDX18 Laptop Is a Snazzy Powerhouse

From its double-wide demeanor to all its plugs and ports, HP's HDX18 notebook is a real standout.

Adapx's Digital Pen is a Breakthrough

The concept is simple: You write with a pen on paper, plug the pen into a computer, and everything you've written converts to digital text.


Gateway's UC7807U Notebook Offers Stylish Good Performance

Slick styling and decent performance make the Gateway UC7807U Notebook a great deal at sub-$800.

Monster YouTube MashUp Videos: Remix This

We show you some of YouTube's best remixed video mashups.


Acer Travelmate 6293 Has Superb Battery Life

The TravelMate 6293 might not have all the cutting-edge features, but no laptop we've tested recently makes better use of a battery for carefree wireless computing.