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Superfast USB 3.0 Transfer Rates Displayed at the Intel Developer's Forum

At the Intel Developer's Forum, a USB 3.0 camera was on display that streamed uncompressed 1080p video to a monitor.

Cheap and Easy Ways to Use Your Gadgets on the Road

Travel can be stressful and expensive. Here are tips for keeping your gadgets charged and for saving money on smartphone bills while you're away from home--whether elsewhere in the United States or halfway around the world.

Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Elements 8 is a significant upgrade from previous versions of this easy-to-use video editor.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Image Editing Software

Photoshop Elements 8 is an appealing but evolutionary upgrade of a well-established photo editing program.

Disaster! How to Retrieve a Deleted File

What you've accidentally erased isn't necessarily gone forever.

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Microsoft Zune HD Features Solid Improvements

The Zune HD marks a huge improvement from last year's model in speed, usability, video quality, and design.

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How to Sync iTunes with Your Non-iPod Player

You don't have to lose your painstakingly crafted iTunes playlists if you move to a non-Apple player.

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HP's Business-Ready Mini 5101 Netbook

HP's Business-based netbook grows up--and introduces some long-overdue improvements.

Samsung's Kid-Friendly Go Netbook

The colorful rubberized shell of the Samsung Go is certainly not subtle, but don't let its fashion-forward design fool you into thinking it's a mere plaything.

Seagate Replica (500GB)

Specialized external hard drive offers automated set-and-forget backups.

Apple's 'Rock and Roll' Music Event: New Product Gallery

The biggest surprise at Wednesday's Apple event was an appearance by Steve Jobs. Besides that, iPod fans were treated to new Nanos, iTunes 9, and lower prices.

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How We Test High-Definition TVs

Get a glimpse into PC World's rigorous HDTV testing process.

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Nokia N97's Multimedia Features Sabotaged by a Clunky OS

The Nokia N97 packs some impressive specs and multimedia features, but they aren't integrated as well as other smartphones on the market.

PC World Podcast 43: Gmail Fail, Pricey Netbooks, Game-Changing Camera

This week on the PC World Podcast, editors Tim Moynihan, Robert Strohmeyer, Darren Gladstone, and Mark Sullivan discuss some of the biggest tech happenings of the week.

Digital Demolition: Three Laptops Take a Beating

Chris and Sarah versus "rugged" laptops. Can these PCs survive being frozen, dropped, getting dirty and taking a shower with our staff?