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How to Easily Install Ubuntu Linux on Any PC

A step-by-step guide to installing Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution.

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How to Give Your PC a Windows 7 Makeover

Some of Windows 7's new interface tweaks are pretty slick, which is why software developers have already started cranking out copycat tweaks.

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Podcast: 3G Wireless Speed Tests and PMA Camera Trends

Join the editors of PCWorld as they talk through the surprising results of our second annual 3G wireless performance tests and the coolest cameras from PMA.

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD: Attractive Multimedia Mini-PC Delivers Good Performance

The Inspiron Zino HD provides impressive connectivity and performance in a colorful and compact enclosure.

How to Manage Multiple Users with Windows7

Robert Strohmeyer takes a look at some of Window's 7's tools for managing multiple users on a single PC.

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How To Set Up a Windows 7 Network

Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer shows guests at his Windows 7 launch party how to set up a Windows 7 network and share files.

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How to Fine-Tune Your HDTV

Tools and tips for getting a better picture on your your high-definition television, including color, brightness, and contrast settings.

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