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You Must Obey: The Unwritten Laws of Technology

"Fix a computer for a friend or family member, and you'll be tech support for life." This is but one of 35 immutable laws of technology that we've identified and recorded for posterity. There will be a test.

The Powerful Gateway P7808U Laptop

The Gateway P-7808u is a very capable desktop replacement, incorporating some high-end hardware for a very reasonable price.

T-Mobile's MyTouch 3G Is A Much-Improved Google Phone

The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is T-Mobile's second smartphone running Google's Android mobile operating system.

Apps for Staying Informed and in Touch Online

This month our editors recommend three free downloads: Windows 7 Firewall Control Free, iCyte, and Logitech Vid.

The Best Tech Deals of the Week

We'll show you where to get the best prices on a cool Casio camera, an unlocked BlackBerry smartphone, and more.

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It's Official: Microsoft and Yahoo Agree to 10-Year Partnership

Microsoft and Yahoo have issued a joint press release outlining a deal they say will change the search landscape.

Apple iTunes: How to Organize and Manage Your Music Collection

If you've ever owned an iPhone or an iPod, chances are you now manage your music using iTunes. You can make it easier by using these tips and tricks.

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PC World Podcast 37: Windows 7, Apple's "Premium Computer" Dominance, and Digital Pens

Join the editors of PC World for a frank discussion of the week's tech news.

Acer Aspire 8930 Laptop for Mobility-Minded Gamers

Thanks to a couple of reasonably primo parts, this high-octane laptop is a solid choice for mobility-minded gamers.

HP's HDX18 Laptop Is a Snazzy Powerhouse

From its double-wide demeanor to all its plugs and ports, HP's HDX18 notebook is a real standout.

Adapx's Digital Pen is a Breakthrough

The concept is simple: You write with a pen on paper, plug the pen into a computer, and everything you've written converts to digital text.

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What Google’s Chrome OS May Have Learned From Existing Cloud OSs

To get a sense of what Google’s Chrome operating system will be like, we tried out some cloud OSs.

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Apple iMac (24 Inches, Aluminum) All-in-One Desktop PC

Our top-performing all-in-one runs Windows and OS X, but lacks built-in extras such as a touchscreen, a Blu-ray drive, a media card reader, and a TV tuner.

Apple iMac (20 Inches, Aluminum) All-in-One Desktop PC

Terrific general performance, but basic graphics. iMac diehards might consider paying $300 extra for an entry-level 24-inch iMac.

All-in-One PCs With a Touch of Style

Power, good looks, cool touch interfaces: All-in-one PCs have come of age. Our exclusive lab testing picks the best of breed.