Apple Announces a 32Gb iPhone 3Gs, Cheaper Laptops, and More at Its Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple's 32Gb iPhone 3Gs led the day's news but a mix of hardware and software enhancements also were announced.

WWDC Highlights: A Closer Look at Apple's Newest Products

Catch up with all Apple's announcements Monday from the Worldwide Developers Conference. Here is visual tour of what's new.

Hands Take Flight with the Peregrine Sensory Input Gaming Glove

Iron Will Technologies debuts a sensory input glove for gamers, called the Peregrine.

The Coolest (and Craziest) Tech Gear and Trends From Computex 2009

As Asia's largest tech show comes to a close, we round up a Taiwanese buffet of impressive gadgets.


WWDC Predictions: PC World Editors Take Their Best Guesses

What will we see at WWDC on Monday? Nobody knows outside of Apple (okay, and maybe AT&T). That won't stop us from guessing, though.

E3 2009: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Games and Tech

From Microsoft's no-controls 'Natal' to Sony's PlayStation 3D motion sensor to Nintendo's quirky Wii vitality gauge, what was hot -- or not -- at this year's E3.

New Wii Remote and Fresh Games at e3

Nintendo showed a slew of products for the Wii at the big e3 gaming gathering, including the new Wii Motion Plus remote control.


Palm Pre and Microsoft Bing On PC World Podcast Episode 32

Join the PC World editors for a lively discussion of Palm's new smartphone and Microsoft's relaunched search engine.


Sony's PSP Go and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Sony's new PSP Go gaming handheld hits the floor at the e3 gaming conference, and Uncharted 2 looks fantastic.

Palm Pre: An Inside Look at Its Hardware and Software

The new Palm Pre smartphone is slickly designed and offers lots to like, but it also has a few flaws. Let's dive in.

Palm Pre Delivers (Mostly) on Its Promise

The Palm Pre smartphone and its much-anticipated new operating system--called webOS--is brand new. Can the Pre revive Palm's fortunes?

Microsoft's Natal Provides Controller-Free Gaming; Also, Halo 3, ODST

Microsoft showed some impressive demos of Project Natal, a motion-sensing device to control video games.


Computex: Latest News from Asia's Largest Tech Confab

Asia's largest technology conference, Computex, is in full swing. If you're looking for the latest Computex news PC World has you covered.


Disaster! How to Salvage a Wet Gadget

Try these simple steps to resuscitate soaked devices.


Evaluating Nintendo Wii Fitness Games With a Pro

With the recent release of Active for the Wii by EA Sports, Senior Writer Darren Gladstone joins forces with a personal trainer to evaluate a slew of Wii fitness games.