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How to Buy a Camcorder

Whether you want shots of your new baby or to be the next Stanley Kubrick, there's a digital camcorder out there for you. Let us be your guide.

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How to Buy a Cell Phone

Need a new phone but dread making all those choices? Consumer Affairs Columnist Amber Bouman can help.

The '00s: A Decade In Tech

PC World's editors take a look back at the past decade's greatest tech breakthroughs and setbacks.

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Lab Tested: Portable External Hard Drives

We looked at 22 portable external hard drives. Here's a listing of all 22 products that we tested.

HP's TouchSmart 300: A Versatile All-in-One Media-Centric PC

HP's TouchSmart 300 All-in-One touchscreen PC has some very attractive features, including the company's TouchSmart software that provides full-screen widgets to access music, video, Netflix, Twitter, and other services.

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Excellent Picture Quality: Three HDTVs from Samsung and Sony

If you're in the market for a new HDTV, these three models all have great picture quality.

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