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Snapshot Photo Printers For the Holiday Season

Both Epson's PictureMate Charm PM 225 Compact Photo Printer and HP's Photosmart A646 Compact Photo Printer cost roughly the same. Which would better suit your needs?

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How to Buy a GPS Device

Navigating the GPS market can be tough but consumer advocate Amber Bouman can help you find your way to the perfect GPS device.

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Augmented Reality: Coming to a Device Near You

We've all seen augmented reality in the movies: A character puts on a pair of glasses and suddenly data about their surroundings appears within their field of vision. Now this technology is available on a device near you.

Classy Dell Latitude Z600 Laptop Charges Wirelessly

The Latitude Z600 ultraslim laptop opens a window on the future of notebook computing.

PC World Podcast 53: Intel and AMD Settle, Microsoft and Apple Copy Each Other

Join the editors of PC World for a lively round-table discussion of the week's hottest tech topics.

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HP Printer Connects Directly to the Web

HP's Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One Printer can print news stories and directions directly from Web sites, but the execution could use more polish.

Motorola Droid Gets a Cautious Thumbs Up

Motorola's Droid features a 5-megapixel camera, a full-QWERTY keyboard, a high-res screen, and Google Navigation

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Motorola Droid: A Visual Tour

At long last, the much-anticipated Motorola Droid is storming Verizon stores across the nation. Before you go out and buy one, check out the good and the bad about this exciting smartphone.

Lexmark's Platinum Pro905 Printer is Suitable for a Small Office

This color inkjet multifunction printer is a competent small-office device that can can access and view Web-based applications on its LCD.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1: A Great DSLR Alternative

The slimmest Micro Four-Thirds System camera yet, the industrial-looking Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 is the most enticing non-DSLR we've seen to date.

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EVGA InterView Dual Display LCD Monitor

The InterView includes two rotatable 17-inch screens that are attached to a single arm.

PC World Podcast 51: Motorola Droid, Sneaky Fees, and Google's GPS App

Join the editors of PC World for an irreverent round-table discussion of this week's hottest technology trends.

A Look at Apple's Multi-Touch Magic Mouse

Apple's newest input device, the Magic Mouse, connects through Bluetooth and recognizes multi-touch gestures.