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Get your groove on with this realistic 3D Disco Ball screen saver.


This free screen saver puts a waterfall of sparkly diamonds on your desktop.


Snap and rearrange windows--even on older systems--with this replacement for Aero Snap and Aero Shake.


This freebie lets you resize windows to specific dimensions, and save frequently used sizes.


Free app lets you turn any printable document into a PDF without a hitch.


This utility changes your monitor's color temperature at night--and may help you help avoid insomnia.


Put the London Underground on your desktop with this free screen saver--and mind the gap!

Advanced Warp ScreenSaver

When your system has been idle for some time, your desktop icons and windows, that seemed so clear and solid a few moments ago, become blurred and fluid, like a liquid or a dense gas. Immerse yourself into a fantastically surreal world, a strange world: it is trembling, breathing and sneezing as if it were alive. The wonderful thing about it is its ability to respond to your mouse!

Chef Master

Chef Master is an application that automatically grows its recipe database.

Big Blue

This lovely blue wallpaper features a songbird silhouette.


This colorful wallpaper turns your display into a giant slice of mouthwatering watermelon.

LAN Speed Test

Test the speed of your LAN with this free program.

Guinness Glass Wallpaper

Your computer has been working hard, too: Pour up this free wallpaper and give it a break.

FastStone Image Viewer

Convert, edit, and view images in all major graphics formats with this powerful freebie.

Photo Pos Pro

Edit photos without having to learn a complex interface.