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Macro Scheduler

Record macros for repetitive keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Total Commander

Replace Windows Explorer and File Manager with this systems utility.

Power Scheme Toggler

Easily switch between two power schemes with this lightweight utility.

Spybot Search & Destroy

This anti-spyware program is free, provides proactive protection, and is largely effective.

SugarSync Free

Synchronize files among computers, and back them up online.

HTTPS Everywhere

Protect yourself from hackers at popular Web sites such as Facebook.

TrackMeNot for Chrome

Protect yourself against data profiling with this free Google Chrome extension.

ColorSchemer Studio

This do-it-all utility will help you come up with a sensible, attractive color palette.


Protect yourself against data profiling with this free Firefox add-on.


Edit Binary Large Objects in databases with this professional tool.

PC Autotune

At $25 per year, you’d be better off buying compressed air and keeping your computer physically clean.

this is a test slideshow

Playing with the new slideshow tool is fun for the whole family!

Liquid Story Binder XE

Write the great (your nation's name here) novel with this powerful tool for authors.

APT Golf

Keep track of multiple golfers and even teams with this golf database program. It also calculates handicaps.

Instant Elevator Music

Don't stress about slow-opening programs and poky downloads. Mellow out with elevator music.