Color E-Book Readers a Hit at Large Taiwan Book Fair

Taiwanese e-reader companies lead the charge for the three leading e-paper technologies, but there's controversy about whether e-ink or LCDs screens are better.


Google Nexus One Smartphone

Google's smartphone gives the user great performance, display quality, and speed. But the Nexus One's keyboard needs work.


Sneak Peek: Atari's New Star Trek Online Roleplaying Game

Staff Editor Patrick Miller looks at a pre-release version of the multiplayer game, which has beautiful graphics and lots of customization features.

Apple iPad: First Impressions by PCWorld and Macworld

Steve Fox and Jason Snell, editorial directors of PCWorld and Macworld, respectively, give their impressions of Apple's new tablet.


Olympus Pen E-P2: A Compact and Creative Digital Camera

The $1100 Olympus' Pen E-P2 is the newest entry in the company's interchangeable lens line of Micro Four-Thirds cameras. Senior Editor Tim Moynihan expecially liked its selection of art modes and its crisp 720p HD video capability.


Palm Upgrades Pre and Pixi Smartphones for Verizon

The Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are updates of the original smartphones. Even so, the subtle tweaks, combined with Verizon's speedy network, equal solid improvements for both.


Acer Ferrari One Laptop: A Good Balance Between Price and Performance

The Ferrari One is an unusual PC: It's either a large and relatively high-powered netbook or an inexpensive but small and slightly low-powered ultraportable.