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Photo Pos Pro

Edit photos without having to learn a complex interface.

RogueScanner (formerly Paglo RogueScanner)

Scan your network for rogue intruders.


This free office suite gives OpenOffice.org some competition.

Remote Desktop Connection

Mac users can connect to remote PCs with this freebie from Microsoft.

Digital Janitor

Use this free program to sort and organize large and messy folder hierarchies.


Manage and collaborate on projects with online tool Teambox.


Troubleshoot your wireless network by tracking signal strength.

Adblock Plus

This is one of the most popular Firefox add-ons, and for good reason.

Astro A*Star Earbud Review

PCWorld Senior Editor Jason Cross picked up a pair of the new $80 Astro A*Star in-ear headphones, and after using them on the windy streets of San Francisco for a week he's back to give us his review.


Put the close, minimize, and resize icons in the left corners of your windows with this freebies.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3: Come for the postapocalyptic world, consider leaving before the credits roll.

NCD Embroidery Comp Size

There's more than stitch wizardry behind this display font.

Hard Drive Eraser

Erase sensitive data--and it's all sensitive data if the wrong person touches it--from hard drives with this freebie.

Mister Pablo

This TrueType font enters the blackletter line-up with crisp styling, and an impressive past.


Benchmark your system beyond frames per second with this free utility.