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This free Internet Explorer add-on checks your spelling as you post to the Web.

Catch Attach for Microsoft Outlook

Remember to include attachments in Outlook mail.

HWMonitor Basic

Who is the weakest link? Find the slacker inside your system with this freebie.

LastPass (32-bit version)

Auto-fill forms and Web logins on all your usual PCs with this excellent freebie.


Display the Paris Metro on your desktop to prepare for a trip, or just reminisce.

Visual Search Pony

Visual Search Pony finds all video files in the selected folders, and organizes movies into a common list, sorted by content. So, all copies of the same video from different folders are grouped together, which makes it easy to organize video clips. Recognition of content works even if copies have different formats, or resolution. This approach simplifies video management, and allows you to remove duplicates from your collection with ease. For maximum convenience, the program allows you to select the best copy in each group of duplicates and delete or move other copies with a single click. Use our product to organize video clips in your collection.


Got a messed-up Windows computer? Reimage will sort it out for you.

Macro Scheduler

Record macros for repetitive keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Say Goodbye to Google Labs

Google is planning to pull the plug on Google Labs, which has been responsible for major services such as Gmail and Google Maps. Find out what the future holds for your favorite Labs projects.

Apple's Great Fortune and Less-Great OS X Lion, and the Death of Google Labs on PCWorld Podcast #121

The PCWorld editors discuss Apple's latest operating system and insane profits while mourning the closing of Google Labs.

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Total Commander

Replace Windows Explorer and File Manager with this systems utility.

Power Scheme Toggler

Easily switch between two power schemes with this lightweight utility.

Spybot Search & Destroy

This anti-spyware program is free, provides proactive protection, and is largely effective.

SugarSync Free

Synchronize files among computers, and back them up online.

HTTPS Everywhere

Protect yourself from hackers at popular Web sites such as Facebook.